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The team at LPC is fabulous, fast and cost effective. They listened to our ideas and provided clarity with a defined path of action. LPC took time to research our industry and combined the best practices for design, functionality and user experience. We've engaged with multiple firms in the past that fell flat in design and were expensive. They will ensure you are happy with your end product and we expect to have a long term and on-going relationship with the LPC team.

PAULINE SALZER - Owner, Passport & Visa Company
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Digital marketing is not unlike the wild west. It can be a lawless place where bandits roam free, taking advantage of well meaning internet users. That’s why search engines put algorithms in place to penalize anyone who engages in subversive techniques. In the current digital…
Living Proof Creative
February 23, 2017

The Immortal David Bowie: God of the Superfluous

GIF Source His weirdness was magic, not an alienating kind of oddity, but a deep and profound originality that encompassed and welcomed all. He was a paradox of strangeness and familiarity- an anomaly that took culture by the balls, rejecting it and redefining it. Confident…
Living Proof Creative
January 12, 2016