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UX Design Services

What is UX Design?

First impressions matter, which is why Living Proof Creative’s seasoned UX designers and developers collaborate closely with clients to create meaningful and impactful online user experiences for websites, apps, and various other platforms.

Living Proof Creative’s UX design solutions provide users with visually appealing, seamless, and functional end-products, built to deliver tangible results. Our comprehensive UX design process aims to strike a balance between form and function that appeals to your specific audiences.

Our UX Design Process

Competitive Analysis and Market Research

Living Proof Creative kick-starts each project with a comprehensive analysis of not only clients’ products and services, but their customers’ attitudes and behavior. Comprehensive initial research allows us to better understand clients’ needs and challenges, what the competitors are up to, and outline a strategic solution.


Insights obtained through user research enable us to thoroughly prepare for the next steps. This phase typically includes drafting of sitemaps, feature outlines, user personas, and similar processes that guide UX designers’ and developers’ data-driven decisions.


Wireframing involves the creation of blueprints of a client’s new website or app. Wireframes provide outlines of where and how different elements such as text, call to action buttons and icons will be positioned within the interface, as well as what functionalities will be available.

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Data Architecture

Once the wireframes are approved, Living Proof Creative’s data architects use them to build visual representations of the product’s infrastructure, features, and hierarchy. Data architecture serves as a foundation of a solid user experience design, which makes this step essential.

Visual UI Design

Designers at Living Proof Creative employ decades of combined expertise to deliver engaging, intelligently laid out and responsive user interface design aimed to ensure brand loyalty, increase the website’s conversion rates, and boost KPIs.


Usability testing aims to examine how the client’s new website, app, or platform will perform once it goes live. The purpose of this phase is to ensure that the end-product will be responsive and accessible, in addition to delivering consistent user experiences. Test users are invited to complete specific tasks and provide feedback to the development team.


Prototyping builds on previous steps and provides a slightly more refined yet still unpolished version of the end-product. The purpose of prototyping is to test the flow of a design solution and gather feedback on it before constructing the final product – both from internal and external parties.

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Psychology of Design

Psychology plays an essential role in understanding how people experience your brand and make buying decisions. We employ various methods to investigate how users perceive and interact with the product as well as how their decisions can be influenced or manipulated.


Essentially, UX designers are storytellers. This is why we develop user scenarios: narratives that help the team and clients understand how people will engage with a specific design within a specific context. User scenarios enable us to understand, test, and improve optimal solutions.


Anyone who’s ever looked for inspiration for their creative project on Pinterest knows the true value of mood boards. By selecting and compiling a collection of visual assets such as images, videos, specific typefaces, and color schemes, UX designers create boards whose purpose is to communicate the artistic direction of a project in terms of brand voice, language, and style.

Research Methods

Competitive analysis, interviews with the target audience, and iterative testing are only a few of UX research methods Living Proof Creative employs in order to perfect the end-product. We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods such as observation, semiotic analysis, ethnographic interviews, and tree tests in order to provide context and insights about and for the design process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UX design, and why is it important for my website or app

UX design, or user experience design, focuses on creating seamless and enjoyable interactions for users. It’s essential because a well-designed user experience enhances customer satisfaction, increases engagement, and boosts conversion rates.

How can Living Proof Creative's UX design services improve my digital product?

Our services prioritize user-centered design principles. We conduct research to understand your target audience, design intuitive interfaces, and optimize user flows. This results in a product that is easy to use and meets user needs effectively.

What steps are involved in the UX design process?

The process typically includes user research, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, and iterative design improvements. Each step focuses on understanding user behaviors and preferences to create an optimal user experience.

How does good UX design impact user engagement and retention?

A well-designed user experience encourages visitors to spend more time on your website or app. Intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and user-friendly interfaces keep users engaged and coming back, ultimately leading to higher retention rates.

Can Living Proof Creative help revamp an existing product's user experience?

Absolutely! We specialize in redesigning digital products to enhance their user experience. By conducting usability assessments, identifying pain points, and implementing user-centered design principles, we can significantly improve your product’s usability and appeal.