About Us



At the core of who we are lies creativity. It’s the wellspring that inspires, fuels, and feeds us. Living Proof Creative is a Full-Service Digital Agency that was founded by those who not only think creatively but live creatively. It is the ultimate expression of our love for making beautiful, intelligent designs, as we dream up bigger and better ways to approach digital marketing services.

We are artists, writers, builders and makers. We are friends brought together by a similar purpose- to bring light into the world with everything we touch.


Living Proof Creative’s surrounding culture plays an integral role in the ethos of our Digital Agency. Founded and rooted in Austin, Texas, we draw inspiration from our hometown in practically everything we do. The city’s diversity and passion for the arts is pervasive and intoxicating.

Austin’s fierce loyalty to local businesses has cultivated a unique sense of originality and pride. Living Proof Creative is proud to call Austin home.


Creativity and passion are nothing if founded on truth. Integrity is non-negotiable. In an industry where corruption is easily justified, Living Proof Creative remains transparent. The “proof” in our name stands for the evident truth that we live by.

We live by a company-wide code that upholds honesty, consistency and loyalty. We treat each other like family and trust each other implicitly, so you can trust us with your brand.


We are in an industry that does not remain stagnant. As rapidly as technology is evolving, so is Living Proof Creative. We do this, not by simply following trends, but by innovating along with the most current digital advancements.

From digital marketing to design, the inventive minds of Living Proof Creative are hard at work to remain on the very edge of the cutting edge.

Team Members


  • Branding & Design Overlord
  • The Creative Force of the Crew
  • Knows a lot about 80s Hip Hop


  • Business Consulting Wizard
  • Dedicated to Client Success
  • Proud Pug Mom & Crew’s Big Sis

George AKA The G

  • Master Strategist & Overthinker
  • All about Revenue & Sales
  • In love with everything Marketing & Marvel

Vukasin AKA The Wolf

  • The Search Engine Conqueror
  • Anything & Everything Google
  • Has a serious case of the sweet tooth


  • Mad Scientist & Engineer
  • From Front to the Back He’s Full Stack
  • Proud & Joyful Stevie Ray Vaughan fan


  • The Artist Extraordinaire
  • Front End Web Design Artist
  • Ask her about her miniatures


  • Content & Operations Ninja
  • The Brainiac of the Crew
  • Actually owns a sword


  • The IT General
  • Keeps you online, all the time
  • Nothing is impossible with this guy


  • Communication Shinobi
  • Big Heart Goal Getter
  • Probably on a call right now

Our team relies on each others’ experience and expertise to deliver successful client work and to also edify one another’s talents. All headshot artwork was handpainted by our very own Alexandra!


Living Proof Creative is Headquartered in the heart of Austin, Texas but our global team resides across the world.