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Brand Identity & Collateral

Design Services

As a full-service creative agency, Living Proof Creative offers a whole spectrum of design services intended to support a brand’s journey. No matter where a business is in the lifespan of their brand, LPC always keeps established goals, mission, and voice at the forefront of all strategies.

From brand names and logos to taglines and typefaces, LPC experts create impactful and consistent brand experiences that go beyond digital.

Brand Naming

The brand name is often the first touchpoint customers have with businesses. A catchy name can increase awareness and exposure, as well as help establish credibility and trust. However, choosing the right name and acquiring the correct URL to represent a brand isn’t always easy. This is where the senior team of branding, marketing, and business consultants can help define the right name and feel for an existing or new brand.

Logo Design

Think about some of the most popular brands. The company logo is usually the first and most lasting association. Living Proof Creative’s team has vast experience in creating a high-end, personalized company logo design. Colors, shapes, and other graphic elements are carefully chosen to come up with a symbol that clearly communicates a brand’s values and vision.


Taglines are catchy slogans used in marketing to support a brand’s journey. The purpose of these memorable short phrases is to communicate the company’s personality and reinforce the key features of a product or service. Whether its purpose is to liven up an existing brand or define a new one, shaping a tagline requires careful planning, competitive analysis, and creativity. LPC creates compelling taglines that help our clients stand out from the crowd.


Ever noticed how tiny variations in roundness or boldness of similar typefaces can make a huge difference? Depending on what a business wants to communicate,  a suitable typeface will support your brand’s visual identity. A brand’s font treatment should be distinctive, flexible, comprehensive and work cohesively with all other visual elements.

Brand Mission Statement

A brand mission statement communicates to both employees and a wider audience what the company aims to achieve. It also communicates how they intend to make an impact on the world around them.

It is a concise and brief statement that explains the very motivation behind the purpose of the business. While creating brand mission statements, the goal is to highlight what makes a client’s business unique. The statements should also be somewhat evergreen and flexible enough to reflect long-term goals.

Brand Style Guide

The brand style guide is a document that serves as a blueprint to help designers and content creators communicate in a consistent way. Living Proof Creative’s team makes sure that all brand style guides contain detailed information about every element of the brand identity.

Design Collateral

Living Proof Creative team’s efforts are not limited to digital marketing. Storytelling extends beyond cyberspace and encompasses everything from letterheads, booklets, package design, business cards, tradeshow booths and other printed promotional designs. Just like any other element, high-quality collateral design communicates brand values in a clear, compelling, and consistent way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is brand identity and why is it important for my business?

Brand identity encompasses the visual elements that represent your business, including logo, colors, fonts, and imagery. It’s essential because a strong brand identity helps your business stand out, fosters recognition, and conveys your values and personality to customers.

How does a consistent brand identity impact customer perception?

Consistency in brand identity across various touchpoints builds trust and familiarity. When customers encounter your brand consistently on your website, social media, and collateral, they develop a stronger sense of connection and reliability.

What does collateral design include in the context of branding?

Collateral design refers to the creation of various marketing materials that maintain a cohesive brand identity. This includes business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers, packaging, and more. Collateral design ensures that every piece of communication reflects your brand’s visual identity.

How can collateral design enhance my marketing efforts?

Collateral materials reinforce your brand’s messaging and image. Professionally designed collateral catches the eye of potential customers, leaving a lasting impression. Well-designed materials communicate professionalism and can influence purchasing decisions.

Can Living Proof Creative assist in developing a unique brand identity?

Absolutely! Living Proof Creative specializes in crafting distinctive brand identities. We work closely with you to understand your business values, target audience, and aspirations. Our team then designs a tailored brand identity that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from competitors.