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Paid Ads Management


Similar to SEO – Paid Ads Management services heavily rely on proper planning, strategy, and data analysis. Needless to say, creativity is also a very important factor. The Living Proof Creative PPC experts make sure to utilize and optimize Advertising platforms for the best and most cost-efficient results possible.

Daily checkups are performed to regularly look for opportunities to improve all advertising campaigns. Updates are recorded and the client is informed and in control of all assets and actions. After the campaign is developed, approved and launched – the work only begins. Through Cost per Click optimization campaigns are continuously improved to bring better results, and more meaningful interactions.

Living Proof Creative is committed to transparency. With our reports, you’ll have a full overview of daily updates and forecasted results, actual results, as well as individual campaign performance, enabling you to oversee and manage every cent of the advertising budget. More importantly, you’ll be able to access the reports through almost real-time data via the Google Data platform.

It is important for us to be on the same page with you when it comes to expectations. Living Proof Creative is confident that we can help any brand to increase its online presence by hitting the right targets with the right content and help the brand to increase its online presence.

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Search Engine Marketing | Google Paid Ads Management

Search Engine Marketing is a combination of Search Engine Optimization & Google Advertising.

When it comes to improving digital marketing efforts, Living Proof Creative experts employ SEM, the combination of SEO and Paid Ads Management, to boost clients’ revenue and help their businesses grow. Having a solid SEO strategy to support Google Advertising efforts will help you save money on Ad spending while bringing long-term SEO and organic traffic results.

With our Google Ads Management Services, Ad Campaigns are getting the following:

  • Platform Account Set up
  • Keyword Analysis and Organization
  • Google Ads Copywriting
  • Performance Analysis
  • Campaign & Platform Management
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Daily CPC Optimization

Additionally, with our Search Engine Optimization Services, Ad’s Landing Pages will have:

  • Keyword Research & Strategy
  • On-site Optimization & Page Updates (Meta tags, title, descriptions)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy
  • Image Alt Tag Optimization

This will lead to optimal cost, getting the best out of the budget with every click! Backed by precise targeting and demographics focus, as well as with impeccable user experience, we’ll put the right offers and content in front of the right people.

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Display Marketing | Google Display Ads

Sales almost never happen during the first interaction between a user and a specific website platform. This is common for most online businesses. In fact, today’s smart shopper will check more than 4 different options before they make their final decision. Except when it’s a brand they know or it’s an impulse purchase kind of offer.

For all the rest, the online business needs to stay in front of their prospects. Having a Google Display Ad campaign active is a way to remind all potentially interested parties about your brand and offering. Actually, it’s one of the most cost-friendly ways to do that.

Think of it as a billboard, for a fraction of its actual price, that is popping up on mobile devices, computers, and tablets, while customers are browsing the web or using their apps. With the right targeting and the right strategy, you might just be able to be there to deliver the final push for a sale that the lead is waiting for.

Creativity is definitely a component that goes into all of our content. But when it comes to advertising expertise, the following is also included with Display Marketing service:

  • Google Ads Design
  • Effective Ads Copywriting
  • Keyword Analysis & Strategy
  • Remarketing Strategy
  • Performance analysis
  • Campaign & Platform Management
  • Conversion optimization
  • Daily CPC optimization

Pricing of both Search Engine Marketing/Google Ads and Display Marketing/Google Display Ads depends on the budget. The higher the budget – the more campaigns we manage, and more time gets invested into reaching the desired users & customers.

Social Media Paid Ads Management

Social Media lives for the moment! Interactions that happen on the platform can be life-changing, or they can last a second and users will never remember them again. The difference is in recognizing the right moment. That is why every Social Media Advertising Campaign should hit the right goals defined by the Social Media & Content Strategy.

Recognizing the exact moments when and where sales happen will help Ads to deliver the right message at the right time, with the right goal in mind. Our services are popularly utilized but also not limited to Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

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Facebook Paid Ads

Not all industries can brag about having a great conversion rate in terms of leads via Facebook. Facebook surveys confirm that 26% of their users purchase from brands that they follow online. This technically means that 1 in 4 of Facebook Followers could be your next customer.

With custom campaigns tailored to suit the needs of the business, speak to the right audience and generate leads – it’s all about influencing the prospects at the right time. Data analysis is crucial, and with a proper Content Marketing Audit, our team of experts is able to locate how and when Facebook becomes a vital component of the all encompassing Marketing Strategy. It allows us to focus the budget with the right goals in mind.

The following comes with this service:

  • Advertising Budget Strategy
  • Advertising Campaign Setup
  • Defining Target Audiences
  • Daily Targeting & Copy Optimization
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Ads Content Creation
  • Effective Ads Copywriting
  • Ads Design
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Instagram Paid Ads

Captivating design and short messaging is the recipe, but creativity is where Living Proof Creative delivers. Not just in our Design, but also in our Marketing Strategy and Targeting. Starting with reviewing competitors’ Instagram profiles, analyzing their content, and cross-referencing that with your Instagram posts performance. Then the process is focused on defining the winning formula that will light up Followers and inspire others to interact with the business and the brand.

There are 1 billion users on Instagram right now so reaching the right users shouldn’t be that hard with the right strategy, and after that the delivery ads to the targeted demographic is seamless. If the Facebook account is linked correctly, our team can also define a target audience from that data as well. Being in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right design – that’s a moment that all of us want to capture.

The following comes with this service:

  • Advertising Budget Strategy
  • Advertising Campaign Setup
  • Defining Target Audiences
  • Facebook Target Audiences Analysis
  • Sponsored Stories & Posts
  • Ads Content Creation
  • Effective Ads Copywriting
  • Ads Design
LinkedIn Ads management

LinkedIn Paid Ads

LinkedIn is the 2nd most popular Business to Business advertising platform, right after Facebook. It is suitable for wholesale resellers, manufacturers, larger corporations, as well as for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises alike. In Business to Business relationships, the closing cycle might be much longer than in any B2C industry. This is where LinkedIn Advertising Strategy can come into play.

Depending on whether the business requires inMail marketing services, Sponsored Updates, or Display Ads, we deliver our usual Social Media set of services for Advertising. We also assure you that the capabilities of the LinkedIn targeting platform will be utilized to an extent where we’ll be sure to put the brand in front of the desired leads.

The following comes with the service:

  • Advertising Budget Strategy
  • Advertising Campaign Setup
  • Defining Target Audiences
  • Daily Performance Checkups
  • Ads Content Creation
  • Effective Ads Copywriting
  • Ads Design

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