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What is WordPress eCommerce?

WordPress eCommerce solutions are WordPress websites combined with Magento Commerce functionality. Specifically, this solution includes WordPress-based websites fused with various eCommerce features, such as the Point of Sales system. WordPress eCommerce websites come with various custom plugins specific to eCommerce, chatbots, and similar features that support conversions and online sales.

With plugins that allow sales of up to 500 products, these enterprise eCommerce solutions are lighter than Magento-based websites. This makes them suitable for clients with fewer products in their inventory who also need client relationship management (CRM) support.

Living Proof Creative offers full-featured eCommerce solutions for small businesses that cover all client’s needs. WordPress eCommerce solutions include a website redesign as well as different features for the improvement of sales and conversions. The package also consists of tools for gathering market insights and storing sensitive data.

Needless to say, these WordPress eCommerce solutions are mobile- and user-friendly, meaning that even people without previous coding experience can manage products, pricing, invoicing, and customers. If you are looking to increase profitability by generating a 24h revenue stream, this is a solution you’re after.

WordPress eCommerce Features

WordPress Website Design

WordPress is an immensely popular platform for website building and content management. Our designers and developers use it to create sophisticated custom websites meant to improve client’s online visibility and to increase their return of investment.

By customizing every project with eCommerce features and various extensions and plugins, Living Proof creatives build a personalized online presence for our clients and smooth online shopping experiences for their customers.


Initial SEO Setup

There’s more to a successful WordPress eCommerce website than meets the eye. In order to ensure that your website will be visible to search engines and highly positioned in organic search results, our team of SEO strategists provides clients with an initial SEO setup.

Building SEO-friendly websites is one of our main concerns. Keyword research, content development, fine-tuning permalinks, optimizing meta descriptions and images, as well as indexing tags and categories are just a few clever tricks that we use to maintain your website’s visibility.


Custom Plugins

WordPress eCommerce websites come with numerous user-friendly custom plugins whose purpose is to improve online sales and conversions. To name a few, plugins specific to eCommerce include chatbots and the Point of Sales system.

WordPress plugins are highly popular and accessible to users for two main reasons: not only are they easy to use, but there are thousands of plugins available free of charge.


Dedicated Server Hosting

Our WordPress eCommerce solution comes with dedicated server hosting. Living Proof Creative offers user-friendly hosting packages that are convenient for both business owners and their team members who don’t have any programming experience. The packages are suitable for small-to-medium businesses as well as boutique types of websites.


Purchase Management

The WordPress eCommerce solution is famous for its purchase management capabilities. This feature simplifies the entire ordering process for the end-user by ensuring a smooth product flow from the supplier’s warehouse to our client’s storage.

Purchase management helps to facilitate each step of back-end ordering, including supplier management, purchase order creation, management, and tracking, multiple payment methods, as well as the ability to complete, cancel or refund any purchase order, among other things.


Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment allows for reliable, efficient, and fast exportation. The feature not only saves time but also provides support for accurate process monitoring and predicting clients’ supply needs. The specialized cross-channel order fulfillment system includes features such as order verification and preparation, package delivery, user-friendly fulfillment dashboard, as well as real-time fulfillment reports.


POS Solutions

Point of Sales solutions provides secure, accurate, and fast checkouts with multiple online and offline payment methods across multiple channels. Seamless ordering experience is enabled through features that enable customers to easily add products to cart, manage customer information, put orders on hold, and apply coupon and custom discounts.

POS solutions also owe their practicality to the ability to easily handle shipments and deliveries, assign specific permissions to individuals, as well as to provide real-time reposts and analysis.


CRM Integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms have in a way become a necessity that makes handling business easier. These platforms are practical because they contain user data that allow business owners and their teams to gain insight into their customers and their behavior.

CRM integrations such as calendar integration, customer support integration, social media, email, or marketing integrations help businesses streamline their services. They also prevent things like double-booking or selling products that are out of stock to happen.


User Management

User management allows clients to easily manage and monitor their users – be it customers, vendors, employees, or category managers. In addition, it includes features such as restricted access for store-view and website, adjustable product pricing dependent on user status, separate product as well as categories management, and easily duplicable user roles.


Online Payments

In order to make purchasing experience convenient, WordPress eCommerce includes a variety of payment services, gateways, and methods. This feature allows businesses to handcraft payment methods and services to the customer’s specific needs. To name a few, it includes options such as bank transfer payment, purchase order, check or money order, zero subtotal checkout, and saved credit cards.


Centralized Data & Reporting

Running an eCommerce inventory can be a complex task, meaning that there’s always a risk of inaccurate reporting or missing important inventory insights and sales metrics. For this reason, it’s crucial for a company to have centralized inventory and sales reports with precise eCommerce data.

Centralized data and reporting allow businesses to obtain reliable data and access them in real-time and to track inventory profits and product performance. This feature also provides customized reports including dimensions and metrics, as well as automated sales and inventory reports.

Take a look at our portfolio to learn more about our previous WordPress eCommerce websites.

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