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Search Engine Optimization

Optimize Your Online Presence

Your online presence will reach new heights by using only tested and proven SEO services that are tailored to your brand’s specific vision and needs.

When online marketing strategies are centered around your brand’s true strengths, an effective SEO strategy will create a stable lead generation machine with your website on top of search engine results. Steadily maintaining your digital presence by using White Hat SEO practices establishes your website as a reliable online resource in whatever industry you wish to conquer.

Living Proof Creative excels in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, growing and changing with every new algorithm update. We’re pioneering smarter, more innovative ways to qualify clients’ websites for more than 6 years.

A comprehensive SEO Discovery will identify your brands true potential, so schedule your free SEO audit to get started.

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Professional SEO Services

Every brand has a purpose. As an established agency with a track record of dozens of happy clients, Living Proof Creative infuses your digital marketing strategy with that purpose. The only approach that actually works these days is developing custom strategies for brands by thinking outside of the box, based on quality White Hat techniques.

Simply put, our team believes in the brands we promote online.

This is even more important when it comes to eCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services. The internet is teeming with websites selling their goods. In this environment, any market becomes a competitive market, and businesses will use every trick in the book to gain rankings.

By using creative strategies rooted in integrity and recommended practices, we seek to increase each individual client’s site traffic and rankings. While doing so, the focus remains on lead generation and revenue growth.

Detailed SEO Audit Services

Our Detailed SEO Audit Services delve deep into your website’s structure, content, and performance to uncover areas of opportunity and improvement. By identifying gaps, technical flaws, and inefficiencies, we empower your business with actionable insights to enhance search visibility and drive organic growth.

SEO Competitive Analysis

When you have a goal that you want to reach, having a road map that leads you there is half of the battle. Your competition might be ahead of you and their results might seem impossible to achieve at the moment. Once their success is broken down by step by step, outperforming their website is simply a matter of time.

SEO Keyword Strategy

Our SEO Keyword Strategy service meticulously researches and identifies the most relevant and impactful keywords tailored to your business and target audience. By understanding search intent and leveraging industry-specific insights, we craft a strategic roadmap to position your website for optimal visibility in search results. Harness our expertise to drive organic traffic and connect with your desired audience effortlessly.

On Page SEO Services

We focus on optimizing individual pages of your website, ensuring that content, meta tags, and structural elements align perfectly with targeted keywords and user intent. By fine-tuning every detail from headings to internal links, we amplify the relevance and authority of your pages in the eyes of search engines. Engage with us to elevate your site’s performance, driving stronger organic visibility and fostering meaningful user interactions.

SEO Content Creation Services

Specializing in crafting compelling content that not only resonates with your audience but also aligns seamlessly with search engine algorithms. By blending engaging narratives with strategically chosen keywords, we ensure that your content not only captivates but also ranks prominently. We create content that speaks volumes in both quality and search engine performance.

SEO Content Marketing

With Social Media – you’re renting space. All the platforms come with certain limitations and they reflect on the reach & engagement. Owning a website is like owning a property. In other words, having the right Keyword Strategy for Content Marketing means that you’re opening the right doors for the right visitors – and you can keep them open as long as you want.

Advanced Technical SEO Consulting

If a website is missing an s from its https:// address, Google might just consider them unsafe for use. If it’s missing a simple text file – Google might not index it at all. Having all of the Technical SEO checked and maintained is like getting rid of that engine light from the dashboard of your car. It helps you drive safely and guarantees that you’re ready.

Link Building Services

Think of your website as a car, and backlinks as the fuel that powers your growth. Google assigns trust and authority to websites based upon how many high quality backlinks are pointing to your website, and in turn, increasing your ability to rank for high value keywords. Our Link Building Services will generate more backlinks, and in turn, more Organic Search Traffic.

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Local SEO Services

Years ago search results were widespread, spanning the entirety of the internet. Today, as the number of websites increases exponentially, search engines have added a personal touch to narrow down search results depending on the user.

This provides tremendous opportunities for local businesses. Local SEO utilizes a search engine’s personalized results to direct traffic to a business’s website, having a higher conversion rate than other traditional local advertising services. Most local businesses are competing directly with their neighbors and other surrounding businesses. Where they rank online affects their standing in the actual community.

Living Proof Creative works with local businesses to cultivate an online following, connecting them with the right users on both desktop and mobile. By providing best-in-class local SEO services, the client is placed in front of the relevant audience, to increase sales and attract new customers.

Living Proof Creative creates strategies for increasing local rankings and boost traffic both online and in the real world.

Local SEO Audit

Your website has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to ranking on search engines in your area of work. Our services include helping you identify them in order to make a plan on how to rank higher and beat the competition in your field. Your potential clients are waiting and looking for you and local SEO audit is one of the steps to help them find you.

One of the things we take care of for you is NAP consistency. Is your business’s name, address, and phone number regularly updated and same across all the social media profiles, websites, and directories? Because if this information is not consistent, your ranking may not be as good as you want it to be.

Another important part of Local SEO Audit is managing your Google Business account. Google Business profile is what allows your business to turn up in Google pages and in Google Maps. If you don’t have one, it will be much more difficult for your potential customers to find you.

One more out of many services we take care of for you is backlink audit. Good backlinking practices are just one of the many things search engines recognize as a good practice. The better and the more relevant links that take users from your website to others, the better your chances of ranking higher.

This may all seem very complicated but, luckily, we are highly experienced in everything mentioned above, and more. Your job is to run the business and ours is to help your future customers get to your more easily.

Local Search Marketing Strategy

If your business is servicing a certain area, or if your customers have to physically visit the store to make a purchase – Local Search Strategy is going to be a vital component of the SEO strategy. The keyword strategy, website messaging and technical components, and the link building tactics have to be tailored towards reaching the desired demographics.

Local Competitor SEO Analysis

Defining the right unique sales proposal and adding value to services and products can hardly come without a thorough competitive analysis. Becoming the desired choice of users and positioning the business in the industry cannot happen without direct references.

Google Maps Search Engine Optimization

If a user is trying to reach a place and they use Google Maps to do it – they are just 1 out of 1 billion people who use Google Maps every day. Our team makes sure that all of the Name, Phone, and Address data are consistent and updated regularly, helping Google to get a better understanding of the physical location, and rank the business higher in search.

Google My Business Optimization Service

Google may allow users to call the business directly from the Search Engine Results Page, without even sending that user to the website. Our team manages and updates all of the tools that the customers use to interact with the business while optimizing them for the best performance.

Off Site SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t end with website optimization. Once all of the onsite assets are properly taken care of, managing backlinks, mentions, references, and partner websites is crucial for stable growth of domain authority. Link Building is one of the most complex, yet the most fruitful SEO strategies that you can employ.

NAP Consistency Check

Name, Address & Phone of a business are the three most important components for online customers. Keeping those three parameters consistent throughout all content, listings, and Local SEO initiatives is vital for Google to deliver that information when needed.

Local Business Citations

There are many listings that businesses can benefit from when it comes to SEO. If they are relevant to the area – there are good chances that you want to be mentioned there. However, finding the ones that handle a specific industry, niche, and services makes you reach the desired customers even faster through referral traffic.

Online Reputation Management

Only 1 out of 10 dissatisfied customers will express their frustration online. A lot of customers that you’re working with now have informed themselves about the business online beforehand as well. Controlling the online reputation means managing how internet users perceive you and the brand you represent.

If all of this seems confusing or overwhelming to you, don’t worry! Our team has a ton of experience, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing your online presence soar. Contact us today for more information.

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