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Web Hosting

Whether you need shared hosting for an online project or a dedicated server for a medium-sized business, we’re ready to bring your website to life. Living Proof Creative puts quality over quantity and offers the most reliable website hosting solution in Austin, Texas. Choose dedicated servers with 99% uptime to meet your custom requirements.

WordPress Hosting Packages

Living Proof Creative offers WordPress Hosting Packages. Famous for their user-friendliness, these packages are suitable for small and medium businesses, influencers, boutique type of websites and similar. People with no previous coding experience can easily create and modify websites, which makes these packages immensely popular.

  • Hosting with Plesk Small Business
  • Hosting with Cpanel Medium Business
  • Annual Hosting Small Business WordPress with Cpanel
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress eCommerce Hosting
  • Hosting Add Ons
  • Google Apps Package
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL HTTPS Browser Trusted Certification
  • Cloud Flare Automated Security & Cache Acceleration
  • Mail Gun Managed Delivery Process

Magento Commerce Hosting Packages

Magento Commerce Hosting Packages are a great choice if you want to make an online store. The packages include various eCommerce hosting solutions such as Magento websites as well as enterprise-level websites. These packages are suitable for big eCommerce businesses and B2B clients and offer useful tools like website building interface and content management.

  • Magento Hosting Up to 5000 Products with Site Set up & Server Maintenance
  • Magento Hosting Up to 1000 Products with Site Set up & Server Maintenance
  • Magento Hosting Up to 1000 Products with Server Maintenance
  • Magento Hosting Up to 5000 Products with Server Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is web hosting, and why is it essential for my website?

Web hosting is the service that allows your website to be accessible on the internet. It provides the server space, resources, and technologies needed to keep your website live and functional 24/7.

What sets Magento web hosting apart from regular web hosting?

Magento web hosting is specifically optimized for Magento-powered e-commerce websites. It includes features like enhanced performance, scalability, security measures, and support for Magento’s resource-intensive requirements.

How does Living Proof Creative's web hosting service ensure reliable website performance?

Our web hosting service utilizes high-performance servers, content delivery networks (CDNs), and advanced caching techniques. This ensures fast loading times, minimal downtime, and a seamless user experience for your website visitors.

Why is Magento web hosting important for my e-commerce business?

Magento is a robust e-commerce platform with extensive features. Magento web hosting is designed to handle its demands, ensuring your online store remains responsive, secure, and capable of handling high traffic and transactions.

Can Living Proof Creative assist with migrating my Magento store to a new web hosting provider?

Yes, we offer Magento migration services to smoothly transition your store to our optimized hosting environment. Our experts ensure data integrity, minimal downtime, and an improved hosting experience for your Magento store.