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What is WordPress?

With the influencer industry on the rise, the need for integrated WordPress website solutions is also growing. WordPress solutions owe their popularity to its practicality, as well as to the fact that they include WordPress-based websites with a custom content management system and dedicated server hosting.

This solution is suitable for any business that offers various kinds of services, for bloggers, and anyone devoted to regular content creation and delivery. WordPress-based websites are practical for the aforementioned and comparable businesses because they commonly contain contact forms, options to book appointments, and similar features. They are also suitable for brands that get their audience through Google and social networks.

In addition to custom WordPress website design, the complete solution comes with an initial SEO setup, custom plugins, as well as with dedicated hosting.

The team of developers, designers, and SEO experts at Living Proof Creative has decades of combined experience in the application of plug-and-play models, bringing the client’s vision to reality, as well as improving conversions through beautiful design. To ensure impeccable user experiences, we employ up-to-date advanced software solutions.

All you have to do is brief us on your needs and help us understand your vision. We’ll take it from there and deliver a secure, efficient, responsive, and accessible website with excellent uptime.

WordPress Features

WordPress Website Design

WordPress is the most widely spread platform for content management, with more than half of top websites relying on it. Living Proof Creative designers use it as a departure point for website building. While we aim to make the most of its features, we also approach each website as a unique piece of art. This means that we go beyond using ready-made templates and solutions.

Living Proof creatives design and develop impactful user experiences and customize each WordPress project with different extensions and add-ons, depending on the client’s requirements. By creating intelligently built and user- and mobile-friendly websites, we make sure to maintain the client’s visibility and increase their return on investment.


Custom Plugins

Custom plugins are what WordPress solutions are famous for. They are used to include new features and improve the functionality of WordPress-based websites. WordPress custom plugins are highly user-friendly, meaning that even people unfamiliar with programming can easily use them. Thousands of WordPress plugins are available for users free of charge, and they can be used for anything from creating a contact form and modifying log-in features to keeping spammers and bots at bay.


Initial SEO Setup

WordPress-based websites contain excellent features for search engine optimization. Living Proof Creative SEO experts make sure to propel your website to the highest heights of organic search results through keyword research, local listing SEO setup, and a few other clever tricks. We also make sure that search engines see you by fine-tuning permalinks, developing relevant content, indexing correct categories and tags, optimizing images and meta descriptions, and much more.

Creating SEO-friendly websites is our absolute priority, and one of the first steps towards launching your business into cyberspace!


Dedicated Server Hosting

Living Proof Creative offers a number of WordPress hosting packages for WordPress website hosting. We provide user-friendly dedicated server hosting solutions that are also suitable for people without any previous coding experience. Due to their convenience, these packages are popular among bloggers, influencers, boutique websites, as well as among small and medium business owners.

Check out our portfolio of WordPress websites.

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