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Magento Website Development

We are building the future of eCommerce—one exceptional Magento site at a time.

Globally recognized brands rely on Magento web developers to build and maintain their fully optimized eCommerce store – knowing Magento can intelligently scale with customer growth. Unlock unparalleled customization and scalability with the premier platform designed to transform your digital storefront into a thriving, customer-centric marketplace.

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Ready to effortlessly captivate and efficiently convert online customers? At Living Proof Creative, we’re building the future of ecommerce—one exceptional Magento site at a time. Let’s discover your Magento store together.

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Magento 2 Website Development Clients

Magento 2 Development

Magento Web Design and Development Workflow

As a custom Magento web development company, our seasoned team applies proven and tested technical expertise, strictly adhering to Magento standards and SEO best practices to deliver robust, easy-to-manage Magento stores that align with your business requirements and success trajectory.

When building and maintaining your Magento platform with us, our responsive Magento web design specialists will guide your team through the following stages of our dedicated process.


Our senior growth strategy team analyzes everything during this initial phase, breaking down your competitive technology and digital strategies. We survey the sales reps, managers, and employees who regularly interact with the platform to determine your business’s best possible design solution. We also evaluate all product data and existing systems to resolve any issues and streamline as much as possible with the new Magento build.


The design phase begins once we have exhausted every aspect of UX research to determine a solution that delivers an intuitive user journey for your business model’s established goals. During this phase, our innovative Magento web designers collaborate closely with your team to mastermind an impressive, contemporary, and engaging user interface (UI) design focused on user experience (UX) optimization.


Once the model is defined and the visual solution is approved, everything moves to our expert Magento web developers. All custom Magento web development happens in phases. We maintain transparent communication and meticulous testing throughout your Magento ecommerce web development. Every phase is hands-on to ensure your team can utilize all of the capabilities of the Magento Platform and our Magento Services.

Magento Extensions Guide
Magento API Cover


We perform our multi-tiered Magento eCommerce website development services in a staging environment, so your current website will run without interference until your new Magento website is ready for deployment. Before launching, we will walk you through the content management system, perform system and quality checks, add trusted third-party plugins, and implement every Google best practice for online optimization – ensuring everything works ideally once live.

Magento Website Development Services

We’ve spent years sharpening skills, perfecting systems, and impressing clients to become a top Magento web development company. Our Magento web development services for e-commerce cover every aspect to deliver brand-forward, scalable digital storefronts that exceed expectations – from Magento UI/UX design for enhanced user experience to Magento PWA development for mobile-friendly sites – and beyond.

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Magento Code Audit

Handcrafted Magento Web Development

We have an exceptional team of Magento specialists, including Magento 2 web developers, best-in-class designers, and talented copy specialists. As a custom Magento web development company, creative intelligence fuels our passion for creating handcrafted, inspired Magento website solutions.

Magento Consulting Services

Regardless of your journey’s stage, our Magento full-service web developers can recommend optimal solutions rooted in top-tier business acumen, comprehensively assisting you in all aspects of Magento’s software, including Magento performance optimization for faster sites, Magento SEO services to boost online visibility, Magento security solutions for data protection, and more.

Business Development Strategies

Magento Integration Services

Achieve next-level customer engagement and satisfaction with our Magento integration services for third-party tools, including Sage, ERP, SAP, CRM, Salesforce, WordPress, payment gateway integration, analytics tools, and more. Nothing is out of reach.

Magento Migration Services

Our Magento migration experts for seamless transitions are best in class, able to migrate any existing eCommerce platform to Magento 1 or Magento 2 quickly, accurately, and securely without business interruption.

Magento Omnichannel

Today’s consumers expect a seamless experience across all brand touchpoints, and Magento Omnichannel delivers – offering a well-integrated experience no matter how the customer approaches your business. Magento Omnichannel provides user experience (UX) optimization that builds customer loyalty and retention, and we’re the Magento web development agency to turn your omnichannel dreams into reality.

Magento Quality Assurance

It’s our top priority to deliver a glitch-free, secure, and fast shopping experience via exhaustive testing of your platform. So, our Magento web developers place QA at the forefront throughout every stage of development by meeting and exceeding all quality standards, ensuring peace of mind.

B2B Magento Ecommerce Development Services

We have spent years perfecting our Magento B2B web development services, proudly building and customizing robust, flexible, and dynamic Magento websites for our B2B e-commerce clients. With our Magento web development services for e-commerce, expect a custom and responsive digital storefront that efficiently manages multiple products, brands, key accounts, or channel partners.

Our Magento B2B website development services give your clients effortless control, allowing them to self-manage their company accounts with ease and efficiency. Benefits include numerous buyer tiers in your eCommerce store (preset with specific roles and permissions), tracking quotes, managing credit online, viewing detailed order histories, and more.

Magento Store Features That Level Up B2b Businesses Online:

Custom Pricing
& Catalogs

Inventory Management
& Smart Ordering

Intuitive Ordering

User Friendly
on All Device

Effortless Integration
& Management

Custom Magento
Extension Development

Why should you choose Magento for your online store development?

Magento is the ultimate eCommerce powerhouse, offering unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and countless cutting-edge features to transform online businesses into thriving enterprises. Magento streamlines the buying process, improves communication, reduces the need for customer support, and boosts sales and efficiency for all involved.

Customizable and agile, Magento gives your business the flexibility other platforms cannot, like Magento 2 Commerce services aimed at the new generations of buyers.

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Custom Magento Web Development

As a custom Magento web development company, we deliver handcrafted digital storefront solutions that align with your business goals and growth trajectory. Our Magento web development services include end-to-end eCommerce storefront customization for businesses of all sizes. From Magento theme development for online stores to Magento SEO services to boost online visibility, our Magento specialists do it all.

Our Magento web development services are rooted in design intelligence and comprehensive systems acumen, delivering an unmatched competitive edge.

  • Handcrafted Magento Web Design Services
  • Comprehensive Magento Consulting
  • Magento Web & App Development
  • Magento 2 Theme Development
  • Magento Headless PWA Development
  • Custom Extension Development
  • Magento Integration Services 
  • Magento 2 Upgrade & Migration Services 
  • Magento API Development
  • Magento Digital Marketing and SEO Services
  • Magento 2 Hosting
  • Magento 2 Support and Maintenance

Why Choose Living Proof Creative for Magento Website Development Services

Living Proof Creative is a Full-Service Digital Marketing and Magento Web Development Agency founded by those who think and live creatively, always dreaming up bigger and better ways to approach digital marketing services. For us, integrity is non-negotiable. In an industry where corruption is easily justified, Living Proof Creative remains transparent. The “proof” in our name stands for the evident truth we live by.

Magento is the gold standard in digital storefront solutions, consistently delivering extensive flexibility and precise control over your online business. Looking for a unique and powerful digital storefront that outshines the competition? Living Proof Creatives’ custom Magento website development solutions will get you there.

Magento Web Development FAQ

What Is The Best Magento Theme?

The best Magento theme depends on the specific needs and requirements of the project. Some popular options include Ultimo, Porto, Ves Need, Claue, Fastest, and Pixtronix. Each theme offers unique features and design elements that can help create a customized store in line with the project’s goals. It’s important to research each option thoroughly to determine which one best suits your individual needs. We are highly adept at Magento theme development for online stores, having created a fully customized Magento theme that can be applied to most commerce development-focused projects.

Why Is Magento Better Than Shopify?

Magento offers more customization options than Shopify so that users can personalize their online store to their unique needs. Magento is open-source software, making it easier for developers and designers to create customizations that are not readily available through Shopify’s platform. Magento also offers more scalability options than Shopify, making it easier for businesses to scale their online store with growth. Finally, Magento has a much lower cost of entry than Shopify because it does not require the transaction fees Shopify imposes. If you want to learn why you should choose Magento instead of Shopify, check out our blog post about Magento Store vs Shopify.

Why Should I Choose Magento Over Woocommerce?

Magento is better for larger businesses needing a highly scalable, customizable, and robust platform with progressive built-in features, security, and superior performance. WooCommerce is often more suitable for smaller companies looking for a cost-effective, flexible solution that integrates seamlessly with WordPress.

Which Web Servers Are Supported By Magento?

Magento officially supports both Apache and Nginx web servers, and the choice between them depends on specific performance needs, server environment, and personal or organizational preference. Both offer a robust and efficient platform for running a Magento e-commerce site when properly configured.

Are You Into Enterprise-Level Project Development?

Absolutely! We have successfully created, customized, and deployed large-scale, complex Magento e-commerce solutions for our enterprise-level clients. Our Magento web design and development services for projects of this scale focus on scalability, customization, performance optimization, security, integration, infrastructure, global reach, maintenance, and support.

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