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Magento B2B & Retail Omnichannel Solution

If you are facing the challenges of efficiently scaling your business model without losing momentum, how you choose to grow and approach the changing digital landscape is crucial.

In fact, 41% of Business to Business (B2B) companies believe wholesale orders online will continue to grow by more than 25% each year. This projection means that to keep up with the competition, all your B2B operations must be unified online. If you’re not prepared to meet the demands of the digital marketplace, you’re guaranteed to fall behind your competition.

But where do you start when your established processes have been in place for many years?

That’s exactly WHY you need to start now, because if you are attempting to grow a wider customer base, you need to analyze how to cut costs, eliminate bottlenecks, and maximize your inventory and sales through your eCommerce solution.

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Why You Need A Unified Magento 2 eCommerce Platform

Pain points and problems in your B2B operation can cost you time and money, or worse. Bottlenecks can snowball and cause the whole process to function inefficiently. If not addressed, these issues could potentially spiral out of control and significantly impact your growth. The greatest inhibitors to your B2B sales and operations are:

  • Mismanaged or Inaccurate Inventory
  • Outdated & Disconnected ERP Systems
  • Disorganized Purchase Order Process
  • Inefficient Order Fulfillment
  • Mismanaged Warehouses
  • Inaccurate or Lack of Reporting
  • No User Profile Management
  • Inefficient Marketing

A unified back-end process is the #1 solution to all of these problems and it also ensures that your customers are receiving the best User Experience possible. B2B and wholesale interactions are almost entirely digital now, which means your B2B buyers expect a seamless and synchronized online and offline experience. The proof is in the statistics:

71% of shoppers believe it is very important to have access to inventory information for all products online.

50% of shoppers find it very important that they be able to purchase items online. (Forrester)

41% of Business to Business (B2B) companies believe wholesale orders online will continue to grow by more than 25% each year.

Magento Omnichannel Development by Living Proof Creative

Magento development services by Living Proof Creative offer a new and innovative solution for B2B that perfectly integrates every aspect of your B2B business, from the moment your qualified lead lands on your website, to the final order fulfillment and beyond.

This all-encompassing solution eliminates costly deficiencies while simplifying and organizing your inventory. A real-time reporting system and detailed management overview provide you with a constant insight into exactly how your company is converting customers and making sales through your website.

Streamline the infrastructure of your company by using Magento Commerce to unify:

  • Communication
  • Sales reporting
  • Customer accounts
  • Purchase orders
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Vendor Management
  • Warehouses
  • Customer engagement channels
  • SEO

What are the Benefits of Magento eCommerce Development?

Magento is the preferred enterprise ecommerce solution for over 170,000 business owners that operate B2C and/or B2B websites. Learn more about all of the benefits of using this open-source e-commerce platform for your business.

Magento eCommerce Website Automates Company Operations

The days of manually keeping track of your costs, inventory, and sales are long gone. Technology today allows you to have a fully automated system, devoid of human error.

Our Magento eCommerce platform automates your inventory and sales management systems, along with real-time tracking across multiple warehouses. The hassle of manually tracking inventory and cash flow is made easier, and it’s more efficient, resulting in fewer mistakes and a faster turnaround.

B2B Magento 2 Commerce Provides Visibility Across All Channels

Your entire end-to-end supply chain is made visible with Magento Commerce. Every single interaction and transaction within your company is accessible, making the day-to-day management of your B2B operation as simple as it gets.

Magento Commerce doesn’t just compile reports and spit-out data. It gives you complete 20/20 vision and knowledge of customer trends to fine-tune your ordering process, sharpen your marketing efforts, and provide top-tier customer service.

B2B Magento Commerce Features

Data Centralization
& Reporting





B2B eCommerce




Point of Sale (POS)
Trade Shows/Brick & Mortar



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Centralized Data & Reporting

B2B inventory can be extremely nuanced and complicated and you run the risk of inaccurate reporting if your systems aren’t correctly integrated and consistently monitored. Average B2B reporting systems often miss key inventory insights and crucial sales metrics, essential to inform and propel your business forward.

It’s especially important for a growing B2B company to have specialized inventory and sales reports, with extensive functionality and accurate eCommerce data. Unifying the entirety of your inventory and order information in a customized system allows you to obtain more reliable data while tracking your profits and product performance, so you make the right decisions down the line.

Some benefits of Magento Commerce Centralized Data & Reporting include:

  • Real-Time Access to Data
  • COGS Tracking (Cost of Goods Sold)
  • Customized Reports Including Metrics & Dimensions
  • Automated Sales & Inventory Reports

Inventory Management

Every business model requires a specialized inventory system of its own. No matter what your organizational situation is, Magento Commerce will streamline and monitor every step of the process accurately, so you can access the information and products you need with ease. A fully automated and completely centralized inventory system also helps you predict the supply needs for each channel.

Our Magento Commerce platform allows you to monitor the entire end-to-end inventory process, including:

  • Warehouse Stock
  • Sent Stock
  • Requested Stock
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Supply Needs
  • Low Stock
  • Stock History

Purchase Management

The success of your B2B purchase process is not solely dependent on how many sales you make, it’s also reliant upon the product flow from the supplier to your warehouse.

Purchase Order Management with Magento Commerce provides a comprehensive solution for B2B product transfer, from the supplier’s stock to your inventory. From the monitoring of available stock to custom price quotes, the entire ordering process is made simple for the end-user.

Purchase Management with Magento Commerce incorporates every step of back-end ordering, which includes:

  • Supplier Management
  • Supplier Product Allocation
  • Adjustable Product Quotes
  • The Exporting & Sending of Quotes
  • Purchase Order Creation & Management
  • Purchase Order Tracking
  • The Ability to Complete/Cancel/Refund Any Purchase Order
  • Multiple Payment Methods

Warehouse Management

Running multiple inventory locations or warehouses is made easy with Magento Commerce. It provides real-time information from each warehouse, neatly displayed on a user-friendly grid, for easy tracking. A synchronized, multi-warehouse management system creates a continuous flow of information between locations.

It also allows your B2B operation to remain scalable, and to grow without losing momentum. It’s guaranteed to improve efficiency no matter how expansive your B2B operation gets.

The benefits of Warehouse Management with Magento Commerce include:

  • Multiple Warehouses Management
  • Full Warehouse Stock Duplication
  • Warehouse Performance Tracking
  • The Management & Transfer of Composite Products Between Warehouses
  • Inward & Outward Inventory Transfer
  • Warehouse Allocation for Order Fulfillments
  • Different Access Levels in Different Warehouses

Order Fulfillment in Magento 2

Fulfill orders with more speed and accuracy using the Magento Commerce automated platform. Every step of the process is streamlined and efficient for rapid exportation.

No matter how your inventory and delivery system is designed, with a specialized cross-channel order fulfillment system you are able to accurately monitor the process, save time, and predict your supply needs, ultimately cutting costs and eliminating errors.

A few specific features of Magento Commerce Order Fulfillment include:

  • Order Verification
  • Order Preparation
  • Pick & Pack Item Process
  • Package Delivery
  • “All Orders” Option
  • User-Friendly Fulfillment Dashboard
  • Real-Time Fulfillment Reports

Magento eCommerce for B2B

Magento Commerce provides everything you could possibly need to manage B2B websites for multiple brands, products, key accounts, or channel partners. It allows your clients to self-manage their own company accounts and set up multiple buyer tiers – preset with specific roles and permissions. Your clients can also track quotes, manage their credit online, and view detailed order histories, reducing the need for customer support.

Magento Commerce makes the online B2B experience simple and includes features like:

  • Custom Pricing & Catalogs
  • Inventory Management & Smart Ordering
  • Intuitive Ordering Process
  • User Friendly on All Devices
  • Effortless Integration & Management

User Management in Magento 2

Magento Commerce allows you to easily monitor and manage your users, which includes customers, buyers, vendors, category managers, and employees. Assign permissions to specific users when it comes to editing products and categories, store-views, and websites.

Some features of the Magento Commerce automated User Management system are:

  • Restricted Access for Store-View & Website
  • Adjustable Product Pricing Dependent on User Status
  • Separate Product Management
  • Separate Categories Management
  • Easily Duplicatable User Roles

Barcode Management

Properly manage product SKUs, prices, suppliers, and stock availability using a sophisticated Barcode Management module. The module centralizes and encodes all product information with a barcode hierarchy, making it simple to quickly and accurately track products.

Barcode Management with Magento Commerce includes features such as:

  • Manual Barcode Generation
  • Mass Barcode Import With CSV File
  • Multiple Barcodes Generation Per SKU
  • Mass Barcode Printing
  • Barcode Template & Barcode Pattern Configuring
  • Manageable Barcode Generating History

Point of Sale (POS) Trade Shows/Brick & Mortar

This user-friendly Web-based POS and Sales Tool system is supported by Magento Commerce’s latest Knockout JS technology, with faster loading and powerful performance.

Using Magestore Web-based POS, the checkouts are fast, secure, and accurate, with multiple online and offline payment methods. And, it works across multiple channels, from a brick-and-mortar shop to trade shows around the globe.

A Web-based POS Sales Tool system allows you and your customers to have a seamless ordering experience, involving the ability to:

  • Easily Add Products to Cart
  • Manage Customer Information
  • Put Orders on Hold
  • Apply Coupon & Custom Discounts
  • Online & Offline Payment Gateways
  • Easily Handle Shipments & Deliveries
  • Use Web-based POS System on All devices
  • Assign Specific Permissions to Individuals
  • Real-Time Reports & Analysis

Payments Online

Magento Commerce offers a wide range of payment services, gateways, and methods, all for the convenience of the customer. Tailor the payment methods and services to the user’s specific needs.

Payment Options Online with Magento Commerce include:

  • Payment at Merchant Location
  • Bank Transfer Payment
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Check / Money Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Zero Subtotal Checkout
  • Saved Credit Cards

Magento 2 Marketing

B2B Magento 2 Commerce marketing is aimed at the new generation of buyers, with the support of customizable technology. Market your brand by getting your information in front of the right audience.

Using a personalized strategy, unique to your company’s vision and goals to inform and expand your marketing, you can achieve an impactful presence online. With a data-driven approach, your unique content and on-point messaging get delivered to the appropriate channels.

B2B Magento 2 Commerce Marketing is an all-encompassing digital strategy, including:

  • SEO & Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Paid Advertisement Management
  • Social Media Marketing

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