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It’s rare a product comes around that not only promises to revolutionize their industry, but actually delivers on that promise. CRIA Hair and Scalp Booster is a formula unlike any other on the market. So, when they approached Living Proof Creative to help with branding and to build out their eCommerce website, we were proud to help introduce their all-natural wellness product to the world.

From the beginning, our developers, designers and creative strategists have worked with CRIA’s founder and co-owner to dream up a full-scale Brand Development, eCommerce and Digital Marketing master plan. Every part of the process remains completely inline with CRIA’s vision as their brand grows, becoming one of the most exciting beauty products out there today.

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There are thousands upon thousands of products claiming to be the next hair growth miracle. So, when researching the competition and the market climate for a transformational product like CRIA, our designers and strategists wanted to define CRIA’s true nitch.

Finding and accentuating what makes CRIA especially unique was the starting point for discovering their brand. From there, it was simply a matter of marrying the right audience with the mission and vision at the heart of the brand. Once this was established, all the visual elements and overall design fell right into place.

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Brand Identity Design

CRIA’s brand identity needed to reflect simplicity and strength. With only four natural ingredients, the formula itself is just that- simple, powerful and pure. With clean lines and restrained color scheme, the logo and text become strikingly pronounced.

Living Proof Creative designed everything, from the bottle to the box, and all aspects of the brand standards. Now, as the company grows, there will be no mistaking what CRIA is all about. The recognizable logo and branding can be used as they expand their product line, reinforcing the legitimacy of the brand.

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User Experience

Living Proof Creative was brought in to fully design the CRIA website from the ground up. The layout was carefully constructed to draw-in users, guiding and informing them about the product, while increasing conversions. The initial blueprints are what steered the overall design, sitemap, customer flow, and navigation for the new website.

The user experience, specifically tailored to CRIA’s mission, reflects the straightforward, positive nature of the product itself. Any first time user can easily access a wealth of information about the company and its founders, while also engaging in an innovative UX experience. The entire website is dedicated to directing users to their desired destination, and to keep them coming back for more.

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Interface Design

With a solid UX foundation, the CRIA website’s interface was designed to reflect the light, natural feel synonymous with the brand, while also remaining bold and modern. CRIA is a brand that is pushing the boundaries of its industry, while also relying solely on all-natural ingredients, and a decades-old formula.

It’s timeless-organic meets modern-innovation. So, the interface and visual assets needed to be a combination of these two competing aesthetics. On top of that, CRIA is also a gender-neutral product. Thus, the design had to embody both the masculine and the feminine. The result of all these opposing forces is a dynamic design, that truly embodies the ideals of this revolutionary product.

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Because this is only the beginning for CRIA, their new website is designed on an open eCommerce system. The platform allows for unlimited growth as their brand expands and more products and services are added. It’s very clear that the brand has the potential to grow to include so much more than the single hair boosting product.

Right now on the eCommerce site, customers can buy products individually or sign up for a monthly subscription. But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the boundless options available.

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Content Management

One ultimate objective for the CRIA website is to become a health and beauty lifestyle destination, not just an eCommerce site. So, Living Proof Creative built out a system for continued content release, that anyone on CRIA’s internal team can use.

Now, publishing content is simple and more cost effective. They can easily and consistently provide their users with information, blogs, articles, offers and more, creating a deeper, more genuine relationship with their customers.

Cria Hair Mobile Responsive Image

Mobile Responsive

Many of the purchases made on the CRIA website are done via mobile device. That’s why it was imperative when designing the website that every aspect of the purchasing process be flawless on mobile.

Living Proof Creative designed a mobile experience that gives online shoppers easy access to CRIA products and information, no matter their location or screen size. The beautiful design, product and lifestyle images can be viewed without loss of quality or distortion. And, most importantly, there’s no hindrance for the end user when completing transactions on phones and tablets.

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Digital Marketing

Supporting the growth of a relatively new brand like CRIA requires vigilant, ongoing SEO, Influencer, PPC, PR and Social Media Strategies. The key to effective growth for CRIA online lies in constant conversion optimization, influencer outreach, implementation of white hat SEO practices, sponsored posting, brand monitoring, content creation, and off-site SEO.

Living Proof Creative has been able to spread the CRIA brand across all corners of the internet via social media, sponsored blogs, paid advertising and much more. Now, as CRIA expands their business and beauty product line, they have the full support the of Living Proof Creative Digital Marketing team.