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Kelley Baker is a celebrity brow and makeup artist who’s been making her mark in Hollywood and around the globe for over a decade. Kelley’s exceptional talents and unique brow shaping technique made her the beauty Influencer that she is today, with over 700,00 followers. From the Kardashian clan to Zendaya and even Michael Douglas, odds are high that you’ve seen her iconic brows on some of your favorite celebs.

Living Proof Creative was brought in to build an eCommerce website to improve her User’s Experience both on desktop and mobile. The new website is also built as a tool to establish streamlined processes that scale and grow her brand. Kelley’s dedication to perfection inspired us to create an online destination where people can easily purchase her products, schedule appointments, become Kelley Baker Partners and stay on top of the latest brow & beauty trends.

Kelley Baker Discovery Image


As a motivated artist and a single mom, Kelley strives to help her clients and partners be the best version of themselves. To make sure that the website reflected that same commitment to excellence, we collaborated closely to understand Kelley’s vision, her target audience’s needs and buying patterns, as well as what sets her apart from the competition.

This thorough research provided us with data and insights to build a strategy focused on an intuitive, convenient, and personalized experience for Kelley Baker customers and devoted followers. Since Kelley’s work isn’t limited to products and services, we ensured that the website doubles as a platform for outreach and a space that will allow her to continue to empower other women in business.

Kelley Baker User Experience Image

User Experience

We initially mapped out the new eCommerce website with a user-centric strategy in mind. Inspired by Kelley’s unique feminine aesthetic and crafted around the services and products she developed herself, the UX needed to be simple and sophisticated but remain pink and playful like Kelley’s salon aesthetic.

The website was designed to provide users with a seamless shopping experience for both retail consumers and Kelley Baker Wholesale Partners. Multifaceted functionalities allow Kelley Baker fans to navigate her shop, view how-to videos, book a salon appointment and buy tickets to her Master Classes.

Kelley Baker Interface Design

Interface Design

Living Proof creatives designed an interface that highlights Kelley’s feminine aesthetic while remaining true to her vibrant and friendly personality. The website’s functionality and simple navigation enrich the design by allowing the users to access different product categories, educational and lifestyle content without distractions.

Our designers utilized state-of-the-art interface design techniques and trends to develop the interface to serve as a solid platform for Kelley to continue to inspire and empower women to create. The color scheme, clean layout, and high-resolution images create a fun destination for all the brow-obsessed ladies (and gentlemen!) out there.

Kelley Baker B2C Ecommerce

B2C eCommerce

From brushes and serums to kits and sets, there’s a lot more to eyebrows than a simple pair of tweezers. Retail shopping on the new website is quick and easy, providing customers a seamless checkout process.

Living Proof Creative used an all-in-one eCommerce platform that allows Kelley and her team to add and customize products, present detailed information, and most importantly, ensures that each purchase is as secure as possible.

With the right effort, businesses like Kelley Baker thrive with our marketing services. On Black Friday 2020 we managed to increase KB transactions by 1,096%, bring in a 345% increase in revenue, and overall set records for the annual earnings since the launch of the company.

Each quarter we map out strategies and prepare campaigns, test them in a safe (undisclosed) locations and ensure that our promotions will deliver desired results.

Kelley Baker B2B Ecommerce Wholesale Image

B2B eCommerce (Wholesale)

Kelley Baker made a name for herself in the brow industry as a savvy product developer. Wholesale clients like salons, beauty shops, and other retail storefront customers required a feature rich B2B eCommerce platform.

An open-source platform was utilized to allow Kelley to professionally showcase her products so her wholesale clients (Kelley Baker Partners) can easily customize their orders.

Kelley Baker Composite Products Image

Composite Products

A neatly groomed brow isn’t just about tweezing anymore, so customers often need more than one product to accomplish the Kelley Baker look.

By integrating a robust plugin for composite products to Kelley Baker’s website, Living Proof Creative made it easy to customize product duos, kits, and sets. The kit-building integration also ensures advanced inventory management that allows for advanced product grouping, and flexible shipping and pricing.

Kelley Baker Event Tickets Booking Integration

Event Tickets Booking Integration

Kelley uses her influence to empower other women to create their own success. To connect with and teach her trade secrets to brow babes across the world, she hosts live Master Classes and private training. Rather than relying on offsite ticketing platforms, Living Proof Creative developed a custom event tickets and booking integration.

The platform allows Kelley and her team to easily manage events, interact with attendees, promote, sell, and deliver tickets, and even check in guests at the event with custom QR codes.

Kelley Baker Advanced Product Filtering

Advanced Product Filtering

Customers looking to tame unruly, shapeless, or sparse eyebrows might not be quite sure what Kelley Baker products are the best fit for their brows. Sometimes they just want to go for a foolproof method and want to see what products Kelley uses on clients like Kylie Jenner.

To make the process of finding the products they will love more convenient for her customers, Kelley Baker’s website now features advanced product filtering. This plugin makes the entire browsing experience fast and seamless, and conversion rates growing.

Kelley Baker Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Kelley Baker Squad includes bloggers, influencers and social media mavens looking to spread the word about Kelley’s signature brows and product line.

Living Proof Creative made it easy for Kelley’s team to manage and scale this offering through an affiliate program integration. Now her referral and affiliate programs are streamlined to increase revenue and drive word-of-mouth.

Kelley Baker Video Gallery Image

Video Gallery

In order to provide her fans with an engaging sneak-peek into how Kelley does her magic, her website features a video gallery where people can watch her wax, shape, and stylize brows to perfection.

Video gallery features ‘How-to’ tutorials in which Kelley explains the process of transforming her clients’ brows step-by-step. Living Proof Creative made sure that embedding YouTube videos, making video thumbnails, and resolution switching are convenient and intuitive for the website visitors.

Kelley Baker Content Management

Content Management

What makes Kelley stand out from the other brow and makeup artists is her story. It was immediately clear that one of our main goals was to provide her with a platform upon which to showcase Kelley’s personality and brand message.

Living Proof Creative implemented a comprehensive content management system that not only fits Kelley Baker’s extensive inventory and service offering but also allows her to continuously publish content through a WordPress site. Now users have an online destination where they can learn, get inspired, and browse makeup and grooming styles based on their brow goals.

Kelley Baker PWA Image

PWA (Progressive Web App)

In order to make Kelley Baker’s digital transformation truly successful, it was necessary to go beyond a mobile responsive website. What was needed was a carefully crafted progressive web app (PWA) to enrich the eCommerce website and give it a competitive advantage with mobile users.

Living Proof Creative developed a PWA that renders a seamless user experience while improving loading speed up to 75% in comparison to traditional apps. Among other things, the progressive web app includes user-friendly features such as full-screen experience and push-notifications. In the long run, PWA is aimed to increase engagement and conversions, as well as improve subscriptions and organic traffic.

Kelley Baker Digital Marketing Image

Digital Marketing

Kelley Baker’s eCommerce website has to effectively work through the beauty market noise dominated by big box brands to organically reach new audiences. Living Proof Creative built a website that will match the growth of Kelley’s social media fame through a carefully developed technical SEO strategy, event and email marketing services, and resourceful content creation.

As soon as the website was launched, the Living Proof Creative team carefully follows the impressive increase in KPIs and the brand visibility, as well as return of investment. The Kelley Baker website has become a go-to source, saving the world from brow disasters one how-to video at a time.