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In 2015 Pop Austin debuted the city’s first international, interactive light-show titled “Illumination”. Living Proof Creative helped create their immersive video website to give visitors a close up preview of the spectacular installations. The site also included an eCommerce portion where art collectors could access Pop Austin’s fine art inventory. Living Proof Creative also equipped the live exhibition with interactive tablets for each light installation with descriptions of the artist’s history and statement for the particular piece.

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Interface Design

Pop Austin represents some of the world’s most influential artists, both past and present. Thus, their website functions like a virtual gallery. With this in mind, Living Proof Creative designed the Pop Austin website Interface like a professional art space, showcasing sculptures, paintings, installations and anything else an artist’s mind can dream up. Using clean lines and bold colors, while keeping accents and details to a minimum, the Interface truly accentuates the brand’s contemporary presence.

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Content Management

Pop Austin’s collection of artwork varies from prints to large-scale light installations. Living Proof Creative was challenged with the task of making a cohesive content management system that fit Pop Austin’s widely diverse inventory. Now collectors from around the world can peruse hundreds of artists’ work, divided into user friendly categories & based on subject, size, orientation and medium.

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The open platform Living Proof Creative used to design Pop Austin’s eCommerce site is perfect for their brand’s mission and vision. Each piece of art is unique and special; priced from the thousands to the tens-of-thousands. The site functions flawlessly and is now able to accommodate and sell the most bizarre, valuable, and imaginative art on the planet.

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Mobile Responsive

Pop Austin’s site is a standard of excellence for mobile responsiveness. The art work translates clearly without loss or distortion to any size screen. The navigation on mobile is simple and clear, accentuating the art instead of interfering with it. Living Proof Creative made it easy and convenient for art fans to purchase not only artwork but also tickets to events anytime, anywhere.

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Event Devices

Pop Austin’s light installation art show took place in a vast, darkened event space in downtown Austin. However, the artist descriptions, usually on display in print next to the artwork, could not be seen in the dark. So, Living Proof Creative designed an app and programmed interactive tablets that were included alongside every work of art. The result was an immersive, inviting and informative way of educating the audience.