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Martin’s Wellness Pharmacy in Austin, TX, strives for the highest quality of accuracy, ethics and clinical confidence. Martin’s Wellness was founded by two highly renowned pharmacists, Jim and Dorinda Martin, whose lifelong dedication to health and integrity has improved the neighborhoods of Austin. Living Proof Creative helped build their multi-faceted eComerce site that provides the entire world with the highest quality health care as well as elite customer service.

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When first mapping out the design of the Martin’s Wellness site, Living Proof Creative took a thorough analysis of its competitors and their typical clienteles’ behavior, buying patterns, and needs. It was important to establish the brand from the start as a locally owned and operated business, while at the same time delivering world class products and customer service.

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User Experience

Living Proof Creative’s main objective was to design a website that was user-centric. A compounding pharmacy can be difficult to navigate with thousands of supplements, medical supplies, and more. So in order for the UX to be impactful the design had to be simple and straightforward, while at the same time contain a vast amount of information and inventory.

Interface Design

Like any good neighborhood pharmacy, Living Proof Creative designed the Martin’s Wellness Interface to be welcoming, informative, and, most of all, helpful to those in need of health and wellness products. The overall functionality and design has a clean, clinical aesthetic while remaining true to the Martin’s Wellness friendly and holistic atmosphere.

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The Martins Wellness inventory is vast and while the majority of it is sold in store locations, their online products are constantly growing. So, using an open source platform like Magento when building their eCommerce site was the only way to go, as it allows the Martin’s Wellness team to customize each product; makes it easy to navigate between products; provides vital information to consumers; and showcases products at the highest level of quality and professionalism.

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Content Management

Martin’s Wellness has three locations across the greater Austin area, so Living Proof Creative used their content platform and monthly newsletter to inform and unite their wide customer base. Their blog informs visitors of the latest medical and compounding trends, as well as keeps them current on events and promotions happening across all their locations. Living Proof Creative continues to help write and format the majority of the posts, while collaborating with their wellness experts and pharmacists on staff to create a blog that is truly an online health resource and wellness destination.

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Mobile Responsive

Many of the Martins Wellness online customers use the platform to order refills of their favorite supplements and wellness prescriptions while on-the-go, therefore many of the transactions are mobile. Creating a mobile responsive eCommerce site was paramount to online conversions. Living Proof Creative developed a site that translates to any and all devices, so users can find and order the products they need with one click.

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Digital Marketing

In a market dominated by Amazon Prime and other large online distributors, Martin’s Wellness eCommerce has to fight to make a name in the expanding eCommerce supplement and compounding world. Living Proof Creative has helped this small-town pharmacy establish itself as an online health resource through informative blogs, local SEO, event marketing, and social media. Using these techniques has increased their presence online, bringing their superior knowledge and products to a wider global audience, while still remaining a local institution at heart.