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R. Couri Hay is a New York Public Relations legend. For over 50 years he’s been documenting the scene, rubbing elbows with the most influential figures in pop culture, government, the arts and music – from Andy Warhol and John Lennon, to Hillary Clinton and Melania Trump. Living Proof Creative was brought on to rebuild R. Couri Hay’s full-service PR and press agency’s website. The vast website not only serves as a portal for businesses to access information about the company, it’s also a historical documentation and archive filled all the work and press coverage R. Couri Hay has accomplished over the decades.

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User Experience

The main function of the R. Couri Hay website is to provide information to prospective high end clients. So, Living Proof Creative designed a User Experience that would foster communication with brands looking for top-tier public relations. The User Experience was tailored around the user’s access to information about services, past clients, press & articles, and contact info. Living Proof Creative strategically organized a User Experience to optimize all the information in the most concise, informative, and engaging way.

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Interface Design

When designing the interface for the R. Couri Hay website, Living Proof Creative was mindful of the clientele it was meant to attract. The company already represented some of the most influential and well established brands on the planet, like Prada, Harry Winston, Bergdorf Goodman, BULGARI, and Veuve Clicquot.  So, the interface design demanded the same level of luxury as his client list.

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Content Management

R. Couri Hay is constantly publishing articles for a number of travel and lifestyle magazines. The launch of the site involved building pages for over 60+ articles. Living Proof Creative designed the pages on an open face platform, so even after the launch, R. Couri Hay’s team is able to keep the website current with his many projects and written pieces. The platform allows them to continuously publish content, while remaining cohesive with the overall aesthetic.

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Digital Marketing

In the competitive world of New York Public Relations, it’s crucial for a brand like R. Couri Hay to stand out in a market oversaturated with hungry up-and-comers. Though R. Couri Hay has been making a name for decades, Living Proof Creative teamed up with the company to make an even bigger impact in the digital realm. The Digital Marketing strategies implemented are aimed at a very specific, high-end and notable audience. Through highly refined SEO efforts R. Couri Hay Public Relations has a vital presence online, and continues to make connections and create leads with some of the biggest brands in the world.

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Mobile Responsive

R. Couri Hay is a brand that encapsulates current pop culture. In today’s digital world, most articles, videos, and images related to current events and luxury lifestyle blogs are accessed via mobile device. So, it was crucial that Living Proof Creative design a mobile experience that not only was on point with current mobile design standards, but that reflects the future of technology as well. The R. Couri Hay website mobile experience reflects the brand’s digital relevance in today’s exciting, rapid-paced society.