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Decades of love have been put into every stitch, nail, and sole at Cobbler NYC. They provide free pickup and delivery from Manhattan to Queens, Brooklyn, and Hoboken with a click of a button. LPC designed Cobbler NYC’s site as an online portal to book reservations for mobile cobbler services and an ecommerce site to order a wide variety of shoe-care products. The design reflects the brand’s high-end, Manhattan aesthetic while remaining user-friendly with a flawless reservation process.

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One of the first steps Living Proof Creative took in the formation of the Cobbler NYC brand was putting together a comprehensive list of brand standards, to be applied across the board and followed religiously throughout the design and development process. Part of the brand strategy also involved defining naming conventions, the URL web address, slogans, and overall brand voice. Living Proof Creative established every part of the brand from the logo and iconography to fonts and colors standards. The end result was set of brand standards that became the voice and vision of Cobbler NYC.

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With countless shoe repair locations across the city of Manhattan, Cobbler NYC sought to set themselves apart as a high end shoe repair service, that could be entrusted with even the most expensive pairs of shoes. When Living Proof Creative was helping Cobbler NYC discover their brand’s voice, everything was taken into consideration from the clientele to the competition. The result was a distinct and distinguished vision for the brand.

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User Experience

Cobbler NYC was a pioneer for the idea of online shoe repair and delivery service in New York City. So, Living Proof Creative developed a new and innovative way to book services online while also scheduling pickup and dropoff times. The platform’s user experience had to be simple and easy, while also making it more convenient than going to the corner cobbler. The site’s user experience was based on the highest level of modern design and functionality.

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The website Living Proof Creative designed for Cobbler NYC is a multipurpose ecommerce site, featuring the sale of products and services, that all work in tandem with their booking system. sells all sorts of shoe-repair gear to keep those newly fixed shoes in tip-top shape. It was Living Proof Creative’s main objective to deliver a website with a seamless ecommerce flow- from booking, to shopping, and all through the checkout process.

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Content Management System

Another aspect of the Cobbler NYC website is the increasing content. From changing service descriptions, product details, reviews and more, Cobbler NYC needed a systematized way to manage content. Living Proof Creative used an open platform, so that, as Cobbler NYC grows, they are able to maintain a consistent design, while remaining flexible for what the future holds.

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Mobile Responsive

It’s no secret that New Yorkers are always on the go. More than any other city in the world, a New York City based company requires a website that translates on mobile for all the hustling-bustling masses to access. The whole mission for Cobbler NYC, besides quality work, is the convenience of booking their services online. So, Living Proof Creative made it a priority to build a website that functions at the highest level of mobile responsiveness, for all those busy New Yorkers.