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Founded by University of Texas Longhorn football legend, NFL veteran, entrepreneur, & philanthropist, Cory Redding, Redd’s Barbershop celebrates the history and tradition of the old school barbershop experience. Living Proof Creative designed the website as a modern link to the past where any man, anywhere, can book appointments from their computer or phone. The interface is as timeless as the brand with original content and resources for the modern gentleman.

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Interface Design

When Living Proof Creative designed the Interface for Redd’s, the main objective was to create a portal for the modern gentleman, providing direct access to high end barbering services. First and foremost, Redd’s barbershop revolves around excellent service, so the Interface functions as a means to world class haircuts and shaves. The overall design, layout and navigation are simple and straightforward with a touch of style and class.

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Membership & Subscription

Redd’s Barbershop is the first of its kind in Austin, TX, to offer monthly memberships. This innovative sales strategy was first implemented through the WordPress site, and now there are hundreds of well groomed Redd’s Barbershop Professional & Presidential members. Living Proof Creative constructed functions for users to easily book appointments, sign-up for memberships, set up recurring payment, read blogs and write reviews.

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Content Management System

Along with being an easy to use platform, the Redd’s Barbershop website is a resource for clients to read-up on good grooming habits, funny articles about beards, events and the latest barbershop news. Living Proof Creative helped set-up, and still maintains, the Redd’s Barbershop blog.

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Mobile Responsive

The Redd’s Barbershop website’s basic structure is designed in a way that feels familiar and welcoming no matter what device it’s viewed from. The functionality and navigation encourage users to stay and engage, just like a good barbershop does.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for a local business takes keenly focused actions executed at the right moment. Precision and open communication are vital keys to success. Our White Hat SEO services, including Local SEO and PPC management, helped position Redd’s Barbershop as one of the most famous, high-end barbering services in Austin, TX. Living Proof Creative’s content creation, writing services, and ongoing consultations help them maximize their Digital Marketing ROI.

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Print Collateral

Living Proof Creative’s design team executed multiple print projects for Redd’s Barbershop including fliers, posters, business cards, and print ads. It was important to maintain the brand’s standards as well as offer the lowest print rates available. The final products were always of the highest quality print and design.