University of Texas Title IX’s Department website is a primary portal for those seeking information or support in the face of sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, exploitation and intimidation. Living Proof Creative worked closely with the Title IX Leadership and staff to create a site that is accessible to all- especially those in crisis. The website is the embodiment of the University’s mission to create and maintain an educational environment in which all students, faculty, and staff can learn, work and thrive.

University of Texas User Experience Image

User Experience

Living Proof Creative approached the User Experience for the Title IX website with extreme consideration and attention to detail, understanding a majority of users visiting the site would be going through highly stressful situations. It was important the layout be properly utilized and the navigation simple and concise. The University of Texas wanted a large amount of information readily available and accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. So, Living Proof Creative worked diligently to comply with The University of Texas’s web accessibility standards. The result is a beautiful, clean, user-friendly site that is a solid resource for students and staff.

University of Texas Interface Design Image

Interface Design

The University of Texas Title IX site is a resource filled with every bit of information needed in the face of harassment, discrimination and sexual assault. It’s loaded with content- including guidelines, procedures, FAQ’s, statistics, policies, and more. There’s so much information that users can be easily overwhelmed. It was Living Proof Creative’s mission to design an interface that emboldens the user to research without feeling lost or drowned by the sheer immensity of information. Each page is divided up by tabs that separate topics clearly. The interface functions to respond to the specific needs of the user.

University of Texas Overview image

Content Management

The University of Texas Title IX Department is equipped with the tools and training they need to keep their website current with a convenient and easy content management system. This gives them the freedom to tailor the site to what matters most without having to outsource or pay extra fees. If policies change or new resources become available, Title IX is able to continuously publish and alter content and remain a relevant, impactful destination as policies, news, and University requirements change.

University of Texas Mobile Responsive Image

Mobile Responsive

With a sensitive project such as Title IX , Living Proof Creative was especially mindful of how the site functioned for every type of user on every type of screen, be it a teacher on a desktop computer, a student on a laptop, or a confused kid at a coffee shop on their phone. The responsiveness of the mobile layout has to be flawless and translatable no matter where, no matter what. So, whenever someone is searching for help the website is there 24-7, functioning at the highest capacity without loss or distortion.