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As technologies evolve and more businesses go digital, we fully expect to see an increase of B2C trends in the B2B world. Today, as much as 67% of current B2B decision makers prefer to conduct their research online, and learn about an offering or a company before they make their move. Almost all of them are on LinkedIn, and they will interact with your online presence and content at least 10 times during their research process.

This is why in 2021 you can’t afford not to work on the development of your Business to business digital marketing strategy. Let us help get started with a thorough audit of your current strategies, identify opportunities for improvement and help you establish a meaningful presence online.

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Digital Marketing for B2B Companies

Marketing for Business to Business companies is somewhat different from your traditional digital marketing. The key is in thorough data analysis and accurate content mapping. Getting in front of your prospective customers, with the right information at the right time, is half the battle. This is why constant research, data acquisition and analysis, and building strategies around those conclusions is what’s necessary for a successful B2B Marketing Strategy.

With the right partner, you can map out all parts of the sales funnel with relevant information, educational materials and increase brand awareness of your products, services or solutions.

B2B Online Advertising

Business to Business online advertising through Google can help you improve your brand awareness and position your company high in Search Engine Results. Online advertising and remarketing is one of the most cost effective ways to get introduced to a new client, and stay in front of them during their decision making process.

Content Marketing for B2B Companies

Tailoring the right messaging, delivering the right piece of content at the right time, and keeping your prospects informed and engaged is no easy task. When you’re planning your content marketing strategy for B2B sales, you have to be prepared for any situation, and ready to deliver the message within seconds.

B2B SEO Services

With Living Proof Creative, you are not just getting a creative partner, you are also getting access to a team of Search Engine Optimization experts, UX professionals and experienced digital marketers that can help you position your company and brand for the right keywords. We understand your goals to get you in front of the right audience.

Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies

As much as 97% of business to business digital marketing experts are on LinkedIn. Furthermore, 67% of your leads will search for you on their favorite channels before they decide to interact with you. Having a strong social media presence is pivotal in the success of your business to business marketing strategy.

B2B Web Design & Development

As a B2B Full Service Agency, Living Proof Creative offers creative solutions for all of your business needs. If it’s logo, branding, collateral material, traditional marketing tactics, banners – we got you covered. It’s our responsibility to make your business recognizable, impressive and memorable for your audience.

And when it comes to technology – our experienced team can help you define and carry out the production of your eCommerce website, CRM or ERP integration on WordPress and Magento platforms. We make sure that both your sales and marketing representatives, as well as your prospects and customers feel empowered to interact with your branded technology.

Lead Generation for B2B Companies

Lead generation for Business to Business companies is more challenging than ever before. Buying lists and making cold calls will still help you close 1 out of 100 leads, but having a thorough understanding of their interactions, and staying on top of your funnel in all phases is what will improve your conversion rate and create long standing relationships.