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Paul Rand: Name Behind The Brand

Not many people can claim G.O.A.T. status, but those who can are the “Greatest Of All Time” in their field. Although the acronym is usually associated with exceptional professional athletes, it has also been attributed to musicians and other public figures. So, when debating who…
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December 27, 2021
Brief History of Marketing Featured Image
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A Brief History of Marketing

Although marketing has changed with technology over the years, the basic tenets of marketing are not new. And by “not new,” we’re not talking about the evolution of marketing over the past century or two, as most would assume. We’re talking in terms of antiquity…
Living Proof Creative
November 1, 2021

NYC Brand Tour

New York City has been the epicenter for commerce and advertising since the advent of cities in the United States. The nature of the city provides a sandbox for businesses to experiment with new and innovative forms of advertising and marketing. They have the unique…
Living Proof Creative
September 30, 2021