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Located in the heart of Texas A&M’s College Station, Flats on 12 apartment community was in need of a website that fit their youthful and modern brand. Living Proof Creative was brought on to create a portal for potential and current residents to access any and everything about the premier apartment complex, from amenities to paying rent, and even a map of the surrounding hot spots. Now their website not only functions as an online residential tool, it encapsulates the culture of the living space, showcasing the luxury apartment facility’s fun, laid back environment.

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Interface Design

Anyone searching for an apartment online is going to encounter a plethora of information. When designing Flats on 12’s website Interface, the designers at Living Proof Creative focused on displaying the right information in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Eye catching headers, a contemporary color scheme, clean layout and easy navigation makes the online apartment hunt with Flat’s on 12 a breeze. The Interface’s modern and accessible feel is a reflection of what it’s like to actually live in one of the apartments at Flats on 12.

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Content Management

The turnover rate of apartment renters in a college town is statistically higher than average apartment complexes across the country. Students are constantly moving out of their dorms into the Flats on 12, or graduating out, trading the luxury apartment life for first time home ownership. The Flats on 12 website has to be able to adapt to it’s constantly changing availability. Living Proof Creative designed the website on an open platform so the administrators at Flats on 12 are able to meet the needs of their tenants’ fluctuating lifestyles.

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Mobile Responsive

With the website built to attract college age renters, the Flats on 12 online experience had to be mobile responsive. The majority of their potential tenants rely heavily on mobile devices for just about everything, from school work to their social life. If the Flats on 12 website wasn’t designed with mobile in mind, their entire web presence would be rendered useless at least 50% of the time, by the vast majority of their target audience. Fortunately, Living Proof Creative designed a mobile site for Flats on 12 that translates beautifully to all devices, without loss or distortion.