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This international vintage and handmade goods retailer needed a website as original as their brand. So, Living Proof Creative worked closely with Fortune Goods to design an interface that showcased their one-of-a-kind wares. is an eCommerce site as beautiful as it is functional with a user-friendly purchasing process and a high-quality mobile platform.

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Content Management

Part of the value of Fortune Goods products are the stories behind them. When designing their website, Living Proof Creative knew it was necessary to implement a way for them to constantly publish content through their WordPress site. Now Fortune Goods has the ability to share their adventures as they go, and provide rich content alongside the products they sell.

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Fortune Goods scours the planet for each individual piece in their online store. So, they needed a logical and concise way to categorize their treasures from abroad. Living Proof Creative used wooCommerce to create a online shopping experience that makes it easy for users to browse the diverse variety of wares, while also making it easy for the administrators to update their inventory from around the globe.

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Mobile Responsive

Fortune Goods merchandise appeals to millennials looking for extremely unique fashion imbued with history and purpose. Though their products may be classic, the purchasing process certainly is not. The socially conscious, contemporary buyer is most often researching products online via mobile. That’s why Living Proof Creative focused on making the Fortune Goods eCommerce website mobile optimized. The mobile site showcases all the information and product images without loss or formatting errors, while the checkout process is so simple you could do it anywhere on any device.