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K+ Organic Sports Drink was created by Founder Velana Colón and later joined by Co-Founder Savannah James. Living Proof Creative was first brought on to boost their online presence via Digital Marketing, and later completely re-designed and launched a new interactive site for the national kids sports drink brand.

The revolutionary drinks are sold online and in grocery stores across the country. The modern, bright, family-friendly interface is easily navigated and designed for busy parents as a place to gain all the information they need about K+ Organics products and more.

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Living Proof Creative works only with open eCommerce systems, as opposed to a closed eCommerce platform. In order for a brand to reach its full potential online, an open system is mandatory. It allows programmers access to tweak and tailor the site to a specific brand identity, even as the brand expands.

K+ started out selling a limited number of drink flavors, in just one bottle size. As their business has grown so has their inventory, with a wider selection of flavors and a new travel size, as well as subscription based purchases and Amazon eCommerce.

Their inventory expanded beyond what the old site was capable of handling. Now, because Living Proof Creative build the new site in WordPress, K+ Organics will be able to improve their site and tailor it to their expanding needs for years to come.

K Plus Organics Amazon FBA & Ecommerce Connection

Amazon FBA & eCommerce Connection

Fulfillment is an integral component of any eCommerce operation. K+ Organics utilizes Amazon’s national network to ensure secure and expedited shipping of their products.

Living Proof Creative worked directly with Amazon to determine the most streamlined way for website orders to automatically populate into the K+ Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) account.

Now the K+ team has the ability to manage all website and Amazon orders from the back end of their website. The configuration also allows them to add additional online and retail storefronts as they grow their B2B sales.

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Product Subscriptions

To encourage ongoing customer sales and offer lower pricing for return customers, K+ Organics offers a subscription program through the website. With this feature, recurring billing and customer accounts are easily managed. This subscription eCommerce option helps garner more sales, increase brand loyalty, and reduce consumer costs.

Living Proof Creative built out the subscription option on each product page so users can easily sign up for recurring orders upon checkout. For K+ Organics, this allows their healthy drinks to seamlessly get delivered to families each month.

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Social Media Ad Campaigns

In order to build brand awareness on social media, K+ Organics utilizes paid social media Ad campaigns on popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. They use this to inform new potential customers about sales, giveaways and new products.

Living Proof Creative designed original assets and optimized copy for ad campaigns that ran across social media and Google ads. Along with the creation of the ads, our SEO and Social media analysts provided real time reporting and projections.

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Digital Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to increase a brand’s reach and significantly build a customer following across multiple channels. Living Proof Creative executed an extremely successful giveaway campaign with K+ Organics that added thousands of newsletter subscribers, Facebook and Instagram followers, and website visits.

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Affiliate Program

Trusted brands reach new customers by aligning with like-minded individuals to spread the word about their products. K+ Organics has an established “Mombassador” program that allows for individuals to promote their products to their audiences online.

Ambassadors are able to create an account on the K + Organics website, obtain a personal link for sharing, and track revenue generated directly onsite. The affiliate portal on the back end of the website integrates with Mailchimp, streamlines communications with Ambassadors, and automates commission payments.