Nike Inc. first approached Living Proof Creative to assist in the design and development of the LeBron James & Kobe Bryant Condo Experience. This proved to be a gateway for more Nike Inc. projects, when they commissioned Living Proof Creative to develop a five person production team to launch features and services on the Nike Inc. OS, which included updating over 50 sites at once. At the same time Nike Men and Women’s Soccer, as well as Nike Women’s Running Asia Pack, utilized Living Proof Creative’s services to develop digital marketing campaigns, including animated banner ads with corresponding landing pages, across all of the Nike Inc. websites.

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Nike Basketball

Working hand and hand with Nike Basketball during the Nike Inc. sponsored NBA Playoffs, Living Proof Creative developed a LeBron James & Koby Bryant branded microsite. The twenty paneled, guided experience of their shared condo features Kobe Bryant and LeBron James as puppets goofing around behind the scenes.

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Nike Men's Soccer Image

Nike Men’s Soccer

Living Proof Creative collaborated with Nike Men’s Soccer senior producers to develop a complete digital banner ad campaign for Men’s Soccer Worldwide. The banner ads needed to cater to wide scope of men all across the world. So, the campaign, including banner ads and corresponding landing pages, was designed with the international, male athlete in mind.

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Nike Women's Soccer Image

Nike Women’s Soccer

Nike Women’s Soccer also required a complete digital banner ad campaign. So, Living Proof Creative joined forces with the Nike Women’s Soccer senior producers to create their own unique banner ads and landing pages. These were directed at women worldwide and were designed to appeal to the vast diversity of female soccer enthusiasts.

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Nike Women's Asia Pek

Nike Women’s
Asia PEK

Living Proof Creative worked directly with Nike Women’s Running Asia Pack. The market was made up of 12 countries in Asia, including Australia. Living Proof Creative helped create flash banners that included video reels of on air Nike commercials. Along with that, Living Proof Creative made landing pages to drive users back to Nike Women’s Running website.