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Alamo Pecan & Coffee is a small town operation with a big heart, and an even bigger vision for their company. Living Proof Creative was brought in to help build their presence online and increase online sales revenue, starting with SEO and content strategy, and eventually rebuilding a brand new, Magento Commerce website.

Now, they can manage their entire process, from inventory to shipping, all in one place. Though their home base is located in a tiny town in the Texas Hill Country, they ship their quality goods and gift baskets across the country with the click of a button. Their new website is the #1 destination for pecan goods and corporate gifts.

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There’s no other company online quite like Alamo Pecan & Coffee, that provides such a wide variety of customizable gift baskets and gourmet goods. So, when analyzing the competition and strategizing their online growth, the Living Proof Creative developers and designers were able to dream big.

Living Proof Creative formulated a strategy centered around a convenient, easy-to-use, personalized experience for the customers. It was also imperative to centralize all internal operations, so the staff, managers and owners could more efficiently serve their customers, and meet a much wider demand online.

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User Experience

With a user-centric strategy in place, we designed the bones of their new ecommerce website. The user experience is tailored around the unique products only Alamo Pecan & Coffee offers. The entire online shopping process is made simple, weather a customer is ordering a single bag of coffee, or hundreds of customized corporate gift baskets for the holidays.

The website functions in a totally intuitive way, directing the users to their desired products without complication. The navigation is clear and concise, the purchasing and check out process is fast, and the whole experience can be personalized to each shopper’s needs with a tailor-made user profile.

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Interface Design

The true challenge when building an ecommerce site like Alamo Pecan & Coffee is truly encapsulating the charm and welcoming atmosphere that permeates their brick and mortar operation in San Saba, TX.

With the help of detailed images and sophisticated, streamlined design, the new Alamo Pecan & Coffee website is a reflection of the warm, family values that exist at the very core of the company. The look and feel of the website pays tribute to its small-town heritage, transporting the users straight to the small town in Texas where Alamo Pecan & Coffee was born, while providing a totally modern digital shopping experience.

Alamo Pecan Centralized Data & Reporting

Centralized Data & Reporting

The new Alamo Pecan & Coffee website has taken their operation from a mom-and-pop, to a non-stop online shop. All information is centralized, with specialized sales and inventory reporting, widespread functionality and precise eCommerce data. Now, they have a totally unified, automated inventory and ordering process with reliable data, profit tracking and product performance tracking. This allows them to make the best decisions when it comes to the growth of their business, and make necessary changes, even at a moment’s notice.

The new Alamo Pecan & Coffee Magento Commerce Centralized Data & Reporting includes:

  • Real-Time Access to Data
  • Customized Reports Including Metrics & Dimensions
  • Automated Sales & Inventory  Reports
  • COGS Tracking (Cost of Goods Sold)
Alamo Pecan Inventory Management

Inventory Management

The new Alamo Pecan & Coffee Magento Commerce website has streamlined their inventory and ordering process, monitoring every step with perfect accuracy. All of the inventory information is accessible with one click. Their once fallible, scattered inventory system is now centralized and automated, so they can predict their needs at every turn. They can manage their fluctuating supply needs, and keep their storage room stocked with the exact products they need.

The new Alamo Pecan & Coffee Magento Commerce platform allows them to monitor the entire end-to-end inventory process, including:

  • Inventory
  • Supply Needs
  • Stock History
  • Sent Stock
  • Requested Stock
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Low Stock
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Purchase Management

The new Alamo Pecan & Coffee Magento Commerce platform provides automated purchase ordering on the back end, for easy product transfers from the supplier to Alamo Pecan & Coffee. The Purchase Management feature incorporates every step of back-end ordering, from the monitoring of available stock, to custom price quotes. So, now Alamo Pecan & Coffee can complete, cancel, or be refunded for any purchase order, accurately managing the purchasing of the genuine Texan products they’re known for.

Purchase Management with the Alamo Pecan & Coffee Magento Commerce platform includes

  • Purchase Order Tracking
  • Purchase Order Creation & Management
  • Supplier Product Allocation
  • Supplier Management
  • The Exporting & Sending of Quotes
  • Adjustable Product Quotes
  • Multiple Payment Methods
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Warehouse Management

Though Alamo Pecan & Coffee doesn’t have vast warehouses full of pecans and coffee beans yet, the way their new website has been set up, they could. No matter the size of their storage facility, their custom website by Living Proof Creative is built to provide real-time, easily tracked warehouse information, neatly displayed on a user-friendly grid.

And, when their company inevitably expands, the system is already set up to synchronize multiple warehouses and facilities for a continuous information flow between locations. Allowing their growing operation to remain scalable no matter how large their business expands.

Some benefits that Magento brings to the Alamo Pecan & Coffee Warehouse Management system include:

  • Warehouse Performance Tracking
  • Order Fulfillment Warehouse Allocation
  • Outward and Inward Transfer of Inventory
  • The Management of Multiple Warehouses
  • Full Warehouse Stock Duplication
  • Warehouse Performance Tracking
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Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment on the backend of the new Alamo Pecan & Coffee website is fully automated for speed and accuracy. Every phase of the ordering process is made more efficient for extremely rapid turnaround and exportation. With a tailor-made, cross-channel order fulfillment system, the employees and managers are able to monitor the whole process. Ultimately this allows them to predict supply needs, cut costs and eliminate errors.

A few specific features of the Alamo Pecan & Coffee Magento Commerce Order Fulfillment include:

  • Real Time Fulfillment Reports
  • User Friendly Fulfillment Dashboard
  • Pick & Pack Item Process
  • Order Verification
  • Order Preparation
  • Package Delivery
  • “All Orders” Option
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Alamo Pecan & Coffee Magento Commerce website has custom categories to maximize inventory while allowing for frequent changes and additions. Using the feature-rich Magento Commerce platform as the basis, the Living Proof Creative developers tailored the eCommerce site to Alamo Pecan & Coffee’s specific merchandising. Now, their massive catalogue has been converted into a streamlined, efficient and beautiful online shopping experience.

  • Multiple Warehouses Management
  • Full Warehouse Stock Duplication
  • Warehouse Performance Tracking
  • The Management & Transfer of Composite Products Between Warehouses
  • Inward & Outward Inventory Transfer
  • Warehouse Allocation for Order Fulfillments
  • Different Access Levels in Different Warehouses
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B2B eCommerce

Alamo Pecan makes products many other businesses are scrambling to sell as well. So, when building their Magento Commerce website, it was important to provide everything they would need to manage B2B key accounts and channel partners.

This allows them to self-manage their company accounts, set up multiple buyer tiers and preset specific roles and permissions for their buyers. Now, their clients can track their quotes for large bulk orders, manage their credit and view their order history. This centralized and automated B2B process lets other business sell Alamo Pecan products across multiple channels, while simultaneously reducing the need for customer support.

The Alamo Pecan Magento Commerce platform makes their online B2B experience better, and includes features like:

  • Catalogs & Custom Pricing
  • Smart Ordering & Inventory Management
  • Effortless Management & Integration
  • User Friendly Across All Devices
  • Intuitive Ordering Process
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User Management

The new Alamo Pecan Magento Commerce website allows them to conveniently monitor and manage their users, including customers, vendors, buyers and employees. Having all user channels in a centralized format helps maintain accuracy, while meeting the individual needs of the user, whatever role they play in the Alamo Pecan operation.

And, when it comes to editing the website, products, categories and more, they can now assign specific permissions to different administrators. Automating these roles and permissions allows them to maintain a tight-ship with ease. The new Magento Commerce platform provides easy user management across the board.

Some specific features of the Alamo Pecan Magento Commerce automated User Management system are:

  • Restricted Access for Website vs. Store-View
  • Separate Product & Categories Management
  • Duplicatable User Roles
  • Adjustable Product Pricing Dependent on User Status
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Point of Sale (POS) Brick & Mortar / Trade Shows

Using Magento Commerce Web-based POS, all checkouts are secure, accurate and fast, offering multiple payment options online and offline. The real beauty of a centralized point of sales system is that it works across multiple channels, for multiple types of users, all around the globe.

The new Alamo Pecan Web-based POS Sales Tool system is a seamless ordering experience, providing management, employees and customers with:

  • Easy to Use Online Shopping Carts
  • Manageable Customer Information
  • Holds On Orders
  • The Ability to Apply Coupons & Customize Discounts
  • Online & Offline Payment Gateways
  • Easily Handled Shipments & Deliveries
  • A Web-based POS System That Works On All devices
  • Specifically Assigned Permissions to Individuals
  • Real Time Reports & Analysis
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Payments Online

When it comes to payment online, there’s many different ways to pay. That’s why the new Alamo Pecan Magento Commerce website offers a wide range of payment services, gateways and methods, all for the convenience of the customer. Centralizing multiple payment options eliminates hindrances in the sales process, and provides payment options across all channels.

On the front end, the new website allows their customers to expedite the ordering process, with their own personal account. All their past purchases and personal information is saved on their safe and secure system, making the ordering process a breeze and tailoring their customer’s digital experience to their specific needs.

Some Alamo Pecan Online Payment Options with Magento Commerce include:

  • Payment at Merchant Location
  • Saved Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfer Payment
  • Purchase Order
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Check/ Money Order
  • Zero Subtotal Checkout
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Content Management

Part of the whole Alamo Pecan & Coffee experience is getting a taste of true country living. Not only does the new website provide users with the ability to purchase gourmet Texas products, like the shop itself, it’s a welcoming destination. Living Proof Creative helps achieve this online by helping them manage their website content.

From product descriptions, to blogs about recipes and gourmet living tips, their content output helps reinforce their brand and connect with their customers. With a weekly blog that revolves around Alamo Pecan’s commitment to good food, coffee, Texas, and especially pecans, they are continuing to reinforce their presence online. They also connect with their customers through a bi-monthly newsletter, filled with relevant information about the shop, sales, and country life, straight to the inbox, from the heart of pecan country.

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Mobile Responsive

Now, Alamo Pecan customers can order pecans and goodies anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices, without the user experience being compromised, or slowed down by loading time. The website was designed to work flawlessly on mobile, so their customers can trust their purchases will go through without a hitch, no matter how large or small their order is, and no matter where they are in the world!

It’s now more important than ever that a website function across all mobile devices. A good, mobile responsive website is fast, intuitively designed and user-friendly no matter the screen size. Many purchases on the Alamo Pecan website are made from the palm of the hand, on smartphones and tablets. The new website allows their customers to have an easy, enjoyable experience when purchasing from mobile.

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Digital Marketing

Supporting the growth of a homegrown brand like Alamo Pecan requires ongoing Digital, SEO and Social Strategies. The key to sustainable growth for this mom-and-pop operation online is constant conversion optimization, brand monitoring, implementation of white hat SEO practices, content creation and off-site SEO.

The Alamo Pecan Magento Commerce digital marketing is aimed at a new generation of buyers, and getting their brand in front of the right audience using customizable technology. This personalized strategy informs and expands the Alamo Pecan brand, helping them achieve an impactful presence online.

The Alamo Pecan Magento Commerce Marketing is an all-encompassing digital strategy, including:

  • Account Based Marketing
  • SEO & Search Engine Marketing
  • Paid Advertisement Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

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