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Yummy Spoonfuls organic baby food is the brain child of Founder, Agatha Achindu and Co-Founder, Camila Alves. Living Proof Creative was brought on to completely design and launch the interactive site for the national baby food brand, which is now sold at Target stores across the country. The modern, bright, kid-friendly interface is easily navigated and designed for busy moms as a place to gain all the information they need about Yummy Spoonfuls 20+ products and more.

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Living Proof Creative joined up with Yummy Spoonfuls during the early phases of re-branding in preparation for its launch in Target stores across the country. To create a website that truly encapsulated the brand, Living Proof Creative worked closely with the Yummy Spoonfuls founders and the Target frozen specialty foods team to create a unique approach for establishing their web presence. After extensive market research, strategy sessions, and a comprehensive content audit, Living Proof Creative had a solid platform to begin designing the Yummy Spoonfuls website.

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Content Development

In addition to with designing and developing YummySpoonfuls.com, Living Proof Creative worked with their internal team to craft each product description and all branded copy throughout the site. Our content writers were able to retain the voice and feel of the Yummy Spoonfuls brand, while clearly providing the background and nutritional information parents are looking for. With input from the Founder, CEO, they worked through numerous rounds of edits to capture soul of the Yummy Spoonful’s brand.

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User Experience

When working with Yummy Spoonfuls to cultivate their brand and online user experience, Living Proof Creative wanted to design an effortless flow of information to the consumer- Moms and Dads. The site’s main function is to clearly provide the benefits Yummy Spoonful’s frozen baby food has to offer and to invite parents to engage with the founder’s mission of healthy, additive free nutrition.

The site’s navigation is simple and easy to use. Extensive details about each products’ nutrition information, simple ingredients, preparation, and packaging are viewable with one click.

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Interface Design

The Yummy Spoonfuls brand is meant to entice parents and babies with vibrant flavors, colors and “cleaner than clean” ingredients. It was these standards that influenced the site’s interface. The brand’s signature bright oranges and greens are the same shades as the freshly made food itself.

The interface is designed to showcase the products’ playful packaging and reinforce wholesome living. Animated details add a stimulating visual aspect to delight the little ones, while a strategically placed Target store locator allows users to find Yummy Spoonfuls products across the United States.

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Content Management

With the launch of the Yummy Spoonfuls site came a lot of press coverage and television appearances. In order to be sure the website showcased all Yummy Spoonfuls news, blog posts were created about the organic baby food and its glamorous founders. Living Proof Creative established a press blog for the site, launched over 70 posts in less than 3 months, and assisted in content creation/management for the website and social media, posting blogs twice a week. This consistent content release has turned the Yummy Spoonfuls site into a destination for health conscious parents across the world.

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Mobile Responsive

Now users can access the Yummy Spoonfuls website on any device. Its smart interface translates responsively on screens of all sizes. This is especially important for Yummy Spoonfuls customers who are most likely busy parents with little time to sit down at a home computer and research nutritious food options for their children. For parents mobile devices provide opportunity to get informed on the go and Living Proof Creative specifically designed the site to respond easily and clearly in the palm of the hand.

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Digital Marketing

As a Target exclusive baby food brand, Yummy Spoonfuls is well known by moms and their kids. Promoting this brand online, while remaining true to the Yummy Spoonfuls look, voice and integrity was Living Proof Creative’s primary objective. Our White Hat SEO services helped position Yummy Spoonfuls at the top of search engines. Our ongoing consultations, including newsletters and other content marketing techniques, helped them build a deeper relationship and broaden their online reach with their customers.