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Camila Alves approached Living Proof Creative in the Fall of 2015 to help build her Womens’ Lifestyle website, Women of Today. After a successful partnering with the Today Show on a Facebook Live series called Camila’s Code, she needed an online destination for her swiftly growing identity as a lifestyle expert. So, Living Proof Creative integrated her existing videos into a blog-based site, which posts everything from crafts & recipes to holiday tips. In fact, Camila was so pleased with the result, Living Proof Creative was later brought on to design and launch the website for her organic baby food brand Yummy Spoonfuls.

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Interface Design

Women of Today’s brand is directed at women who do it all. The website acts as a resource and endless wealth of information, tips, and advice for homemakers and caregivers. When designing the Interface for Women of Today, Living proof Creative kept these women in mind every step of the way. The overall design is extremely intuitive, not unlike many mothers out there. From the layout and navigation, to the highres images and vibrant colors, the website Interface is built to empower women to create, have fun, and love life.

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Content Management

When building Women of Today’s WordPress site, Living Proof Creative designed an easy to maintain content management system. As well as building the entire lay out of the system, including a daily news feed, health and wellness video tutorials, and a portal for users to submit ideas, Living Proof Creative continues to publish weekly posts. The post vary from recipes to events, television interviews and more.

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Mobile Responsive

Women of Today is a destination for women around the world to have access to a better way of living. So it was important for Living Proof Creative to design for all screen sizes. Whether a women is following a recipe on her tablet while cooking in her kitchen, doing leg workouts in the park while watching Camila’s tutorials on her phone, or trying to wrangle the kids while looking up craft ideas on her lap top, every bit of content, media files, and images on the site are clear and responsive.

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Digital Marketing

The Women of Today brand has become a reputable, fun source for young mothers and modern women interested in cooking, fitness, and lifestyle resources. It’s been a privilege for Living Proof Creative to support the website’s growth with SEO, content creation and email marketing services. These efforts have made Women of Today a trusted brand and a burgeoning household name.

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Facebook Live Integration

Camila was one of the first celebrities to partner with Facebook for the launch of the new Facebook Live videos back in 2015. Her intimate lifestyle videos streamed through her Facebook page titled Camila’s Code. Living Proof Creative integrated these live feeds as blogs on WomenofToday.com creating a seamless website to Facebook interaction. This allowed Living Proof Creative to harness Facebook’s power and breadth to create a real-time experience for users on the website.