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Living Proof Creative is a web design company that specializes in custom website design services. We understand the importance of having a website with an attractive and professional look.

That’s why we have a team of experienced designers who are passionate about creating the perfect web experience for each client.

Our services include graphic design, UI/UX optimization, and coding. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure your website is exactly how you want it.

With our unbeatable customer service and quick turnaround times, Living Proof Creative is the perfect option for all your web design needs.

Professional Web Design Services

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Superior Web Design Grows Your Business

The simple truth is, web design can have a massive impact on the growth of any business. With more and more people using digital platforms to discover new products and services, a well-designed website is essential for businesses looking to reach their target audience.

Here are just some of the ways that working with a professional web design agency can help businesses grow:

Increased Visibility

Good web design can help increase visibility for a business, making it easier for potential customers to find information about the company and its services.

Brand Recognition

A professional website can communicate a strong sense of your brand identity, helping visitors recognize and remember your business.

Improved User Experience

A great web design can make a huge difference in how users interact with your website, making it easier for them to find the information they need and complete tasks on the site.

Increased Engagement

Effective web design can help make your website more engaging for visitors, increasing the chances of them taking the desired action such as making a purchase or signing up for your service.

Increased Conversion Rates

With better web design, businesses can boost their conversion rates by providing an enjoyable and intuitive user experience that encourages visitors to take action on the website.

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Eliminate Hurdles With 45+ Years of Combined Experience

Living Proof Creative is a web design and development team with more than 50 years of combined experience. We provide comprehensive design services to clients, ranging from web design to branding and marketing.

Our team consists of experienced web developers, graphic designers, web strategists, and user experience experts who are dedicated to creating original designs that will help our clients stand out from their competition.

Our web design services include web design, web development, web hosting, and maintenance, search engine optimization (SEO), content management systems (CMS) integration, e-commerce solutions, social media marketing, logo design, and branding.

We bring decades of experience to every project we work on. We understand that web design is an art, and we strive to create unique web designs that our clients will love. Our design team takes the time to understand each client’s individual needs and goals before creating a web design that meets their expectations.

At Living Proof Creative, we believe in providing quality web design services for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking for web design services for a small business or a large enterprise, our team of experienced web designers can create the perfect web design to meet your needs.

Custom Web Design Services

Custom web design services by Living Proof Creative can help businesses fulfill their online objectives and maximize their online presence. With custom website design, businesses have the creative freedom to create a unique website that reflects their brand identity and accurately communicates their message.

Living Proof Creative’s custom web design services provide businesses with the ability to create an eye-catching and functional website that appeals to their target audience. Custom design also allows businesses to create a website that is tailored to the individual needs of their company, such as including features and applications that are specific to the business’s products or services.

By having an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website, businesses can increase customer engagement, build brand awareness, and ultimately increase their ROI.

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How to Choose the Web Design Service For Your Website

It’s important to take the time to select the right web design company for your website. You want a professional web design service that can create an engaging and user-friendly interface that meets all of your needs. When choosing a web design services provider, you should consider factors such as experience, portfolio, reputation, and customer service.

Experience is an important factor when selecting a web design service. Look for companies with extensive experience in website design, development, and maintenance. A professional web design services provider should be able to show you examples of their work.

There are two platforms that are our go-to technologies for website development, and our website designers excel at front-end design in both Content Management Systems.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Living Proof Creative is a professional web design company that specializes in providing tailored website design services to businesses of all sizes and industries. We are experienced in developing both WordPress and Magento websites and can help you choose the right platform for your business needs.

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WordPress Website Design Services

WordPress is perfect for those who are looking for an easy-to-use, budget-friendly platform to create a basic website. WordPress websites are great for small businesses, blogs, personal sites, and portfolios, as they provide users with ample customization options within an easy-to-use interface.

Magento Ecommerce Development Services Image

Magento Website Design Services

Magento is the preferred choice for larger eCommerce stores that require more robust features such as multi-store functionality and advanced inventory management. Magento is an open-source platform that allows for a great deal of customization and scalability, making it ideal for large or rapidly growing stores.

Living Proof Creative has the expertise to help you select the right website design services for your business needs.

Our team will work with you to understand your objectives, budget, and timeline, and create a customized website solution that meets all of your requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your online presence to the next level.

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Benefits of Professional Website Design Services

Working with a professional web design company can bring many benefits to your business. Not only do you receive quality service, but you also gain access to experienced professionals who understand the complexities of website development and design.

Perks of Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Design

As the world becomes increasingly mobile-centric, businesses must ensure their online presence is available on all platforms.

Responsive web design helps you do this in an effective way; it allows websites to adapt to any device seamlessly and provide users with the best experience regardless of their choice of platform.

Not only that, but Search Engines are also indexing all content from your content management system with a mobile-first approach.

Mobile devices are the preferred browsing devices of 7 out of 10 internet users, driving most, or at least a significant amount of traffic to your website. Google, and other Search Engines, are aware of the increasing trend and take into account the mobile responsiveness of the platform.

At Living Proof Creative, we understand how important responsive web design is for businesses, and our team of professional designers can help you create a website that looks great and functions perfectly across all devices.

We use industry-leading design principles to make sure your website is optimized for every device, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

Improve Your Search Rankings

At Living Proof Creative, we understand how essential it is to have a website that is optimized and designed with your target audience in mind. This is why right from the launch of the project, we employ digital marketing services to analyze the market and define company identity and branding.

Our creative SEO and web design services are tailored to ensure that you get the most out of your online presence. We will work with you to create a website that appeals to your target audience while also keeping up to date with the latest SEO trends and practices.

Our team takes into account all aspects of your website design, from content to layout, to ensure that it is optimized for top search engines and in accordance with all the best Google practices.

User Experience and Search Engine Optimization go hand in hand, and that’s why our team works hand in hand to deliver the best website design within the defined budget.

We strive to make sure that you have a website that performs well and increases engagement with your target audience while also improving your search rankings and long-term, steady organic traffic increase.

Living Proof Creative employs only white hat SEO Services with a focus on Search Engine Friendly Content and intuitive, customer-oriented UX.

With our SEO Services and Web Design Services, you can trust that your website is designed to engage visitors and boost your business.

Accelerate Your Website’s ROI

A compelling website design can help improve your bottom line as well. Branding, brand consistency, and unified web design support brand loyalty and encourage interactions.

Our team of web designers is highly trained in creating aesthetically pleasing designs that are sure to draw in customers. With strategically planned designs that include user-friendly navigation and a strong digital presence, our design and digital marketing services will ensure your website stands out from the crowd.

Living Proof Creative offers high-impact web design solutions that are tailored specifically to you and your company’s needs.

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Dedicated Project Managers and Web Designers

Before you meet and greet your first website visitors, you need an amazing web design to showcase your work, brand, and mission. That’s where Living Proof Creative and our Project Managers step in.

We provide dedicated teams of web design professionals to make sure your project is successful and on track from start to finish—and our experienced project managers will help guide you through every step of the process.

Here are a few things that you can expect from your personal, dedicated web design project manager in our web design company:

Planning Process

The project manager is responsible for assessing the scope of web design projects and services, breaking down tasks into feasible actions, and setting deadlines. They ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and when, and use agile project management techniques to create a roadmap for the project.


The manager is responsible for liaising with web design agency, clients, and any other stakeholders involved in the project, ensuring that changes and updates are communicated effectively among all parties. They also maintain regular contact with their dedicated team to ensure progress is being made according to expectations and deadlines.

Quality Assurance

The manager is responsible for ensuring that every web page design meets the standards set by the client. They review and test the website prior to launch, ensuring that all features are working as intended and that any changes have been implemented correctly.

On-Going Maintenance

Themanager is also responsible for overseeing the ongoing maintenance of web design projects and services. They provide support to clients in making changes or troubleshooting issues, monitor the performance of the website, and update code as necessary.


The manager is responsible for identifying any potential problems with the web page design prior to launch and taking appropriate action to ensure the website is functioning correctly at all times. They should also have a plan for dealing with any unexpected issues or technical difficulties that arise during the development process.

Budget Management

The project manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the budget of web design projects and services, ensuring that costs are kept within the predetermined limits and that any additional expenses are accounted for. They must also keep track of the progress of the project to ensure that it is completed within the allotted timeframes and budget.


The manager is responsible for creating comprehensive documentation of web design projects, including specifications, test plans, and detailed notes on development processes. This information should be easily accessible to all stakeholders and should be updated regularly as the project progresses.


Finally, the project manager is responsible for creating detailed reports regarding the progress of your projects, including any delays or issues encountered during development. This information is used to review the success of previous projects and inform future planning.

Our team does whatever it takes to make sure that your projects and website design services run smoothly, efficiently, and within budget.

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Website Maintenance Services

With hundreds of designs created so far, and thousands of web pages built by our professional designers, we know what it takes to satisfy your site visitors.

Living Proof Creative offers comprehensive website maintenance services to ensure online success and a seamless user experience.

Our highly skilled team of professionals will take care of all the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on communicating your brand’s message.

We offer ongoing support and updates to help maintain optimal performance, so your business can stay ahead in today’s ever-evolving online landscape. With our website maintenance services, you can rest assured that your online presence is in good hands.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your online goals and keep your business running smoothly.

Learn More About Our Web Development Services

Living Proof Creative offers web development services that will help you achieve online success. Our experienced team of web developers is well-equipped to create a unified, consistent experience for your website visitors.

Whether it’s an existing website, or you’re looking for someone who can build websites from scratch – you’re on the right page. Get in touch, and let’s get your project going.

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What is Included in Website Design Services?

Website design services typically include a range of activities to create the most effective and professional website possible.

This can include creating the visual design, layout, navigation structure, content writing, and imagery, as well as developing interactive features such as forms or forums.

Other important elements that may be included in website design services are SEO to ensure the website appears high in organic search results, usability testing to guarantee a positive user experience, and web analytics to track visitor actions on the website.

How Long Does it Take to Design a Website?

Designing a website can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

The timeline for designing a website is largely determined by the size of the project, its features, the number of pages, level of interactivity desired, how content-rich it needs to be and many other factors.

The website design process typically includes the following steps: planning, designing and developing the website, testing it for user experience, quality assurance and launching. During each step of the process different tasks must be completed in order to create a well-designed website.

The length of time needed to complete these tasks will influence how long it takes to design a website. To ensure that a website is properly designed, it is best to start the process with clear expectations and an understanding of the timeline for each step.

Planning for contingencies can also help reduce delays in completion times, since unexpected issues may arise during development.

With a detailed plan and proactive management, it will be easier to keep track of timelines and ensure that the website is designed within a reasonable timeframe.

How Much Do You Pay Someone to Design a Website?

The cost of website design can vary based on the complexity and size of your project. Generally, the prices of website designs range from $2500 to $50,000 or more. For larger projects such as e-commerce websites, prices can run up to $25,000 or higher.

Factors that play into designing a website include the number of pages, functionality requirements, and design complexity.

Generally, more complex designs require more time and resources to create, resulting in higher costs. Depending on your project budget, you may want to consider using a template or pre-built website from a service provider as an alternative to hiring a custom designer.

This can be a cost-effective way to get a professional-looking website without having to pay for a custom design.

Ultimately, the cost of website design depends on your unique project requirements and what you need from the website.

What Are The Best Web Design Services?

When it comes to web design services, there are many different options you can choose from. It is important to consider the needs of your company when selecting a service provider since not all service providers offer the same features.

The most important factor to consider when selecting a web design service is the specific goals and objectives of your website project.

Another factor to consider is the cost of the services provided. Different providers charge varying rates for their services, so researching different options can help ensure you get the best deal possible.

Finally, it is important to consider the level of customer support that a web design service provider offers when selecting your service provider. A good web design service should provide reliable customer service and technical assistance if needed.

This will help ensure that your website project is completed successfully and with minimal issues.

Overall, selecting the right web design service for your business can be a daunting task. To make sure you have the best experience possible, it is important to research all of your options carefully and select the provider that best meets your needs.

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