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Creative Web Design & Development


Professional Web Design Formulated Around Business Goals

Great web design is an art form. It requires a critical eye and a deep understanding of the marriage between form and function.

Living Proof Creative isn’t a web development agency that just makes pretty websites, we create experiences. LPC’s services have been fashioned around a specific process in order to discover, design, and develop rich, professional websites.

From large eCommerce brands to local businesses, Living Proof Creative approaches each web project with the sensitivity of an artist combined with the know-how of a major agency- and it’s all focused on growing businesses online!

eCommerce Web Design & Development Company

The internet’s most utilized and highly-ranked open source platforms, Magento and WordPress, are a thing of beauty when they are in the skillful hands of Living Proof Creative’s team of eCommerce website developers. They help propel online reach by creating a website that not only functions at the highest level but looks and feels authentic to each unique business.

Creative Web Systems Development

WordPress Web Design & Development

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System (CMS), with over 35% of websites utilizing their open-source platform. The SEO features and capabilities are almost unmatched, the platform is mobile-friendly, and users are familiar with the functionalities and UX (User Experience Design) of this CMS. It’s also easy to manage from the back end for ongoing updates and administration.


Magento Web Design & Development

More than 20% of the top 1000 eCommerce retailers depend on Magento CMS for their online sales, inventory management, and more. Suitable for both B2C and B2B industries, this platform comes with great server performance, SEO features, and built-in eCommerce features. A great variety of extensions and add-ons are available as well, making this platform a go-to choice for hundreds of thousands of enterprise-level eCommerce businesses.

Creative B2B eCommerce Solutions

Digital business-to-business (B2B) purchasing decisions are projected to reach up to $2.4 trillion in the US by 2025. Living Proof Creative provides its clients with branded B2B eCommerce solutions that allow them to manage B2B and B2C online sales; digitize and build custom catalogs; increase B2B revenue; enhance the wholesale customer experience and much more.  Consistent, buyer-specific experiences help clients streamline omnichannel sales on a single platform.

Take a look at Living Proof Creative’s B2B eCommerce solutions for the home furnishing industry to learn more!

Our Creative Web Design Process

A company’s website is the first interaction many customers will have with a brand. LPC makes sure that the first impression is the right one. Experienced website designers understand the nuanced art of building a user-friendly, intelligently laid out website to create experiences that don’t leave the audience guessing or confused. A partnership with Living Proof Creative addresses all of the UI/UX services integral to constructing impactful online experiences.


Competitive Analysis

As many as 50% of businesses don’t have a clearly defined digital strategy. Thorough competitive analysis is done for each client, not just to understand the competition, but to develop strategies and gain actionable insights. Learning about competitors’ strengths and weaknesses allows Living Proof Creative to find market gaps and focus efforts on target niches. It helps solve usability issues, improves the design process and provides a competitive edge.


Website UX Design

The LPC team’s talented designers are committed to creating meaningful and impactful user experiences. Responsive design, usability, and accessibility are the main project priorities, but that’s just the beginning. By creating engaging visual and interactive content for client websites, customer journeys are defined to ensure loyalty to the brand, product, or service.


Website User Interface Design

Interface design is an important part of the creative web design process. 89% of customers evaluate and compare products on four or more websites before making a buying decision. In other words, looks and first impressions matter. LPC takes great pride in creating elegant and intuitive interfaces that provide efficient interactions.


Online Style Guide

Online Style Guide is part of the UX process that ensures consistency for future design. Systematic specification of rules related to aspects of UX design such as tone of voice and design principles in the form of a guide helps to keep developers, designers, managers, and clients on the same page.


Functional Specifications

The first step in user-centered web design includes detailed mapping of end-user expectations, functionality, behavior, and structure of the product. Writing this formal document based on business requests helps developers and designers to make sense of products’ expected appearance and capabilities. Functional specifications are the guidelines for implementing a business website.


Platform & Application Testing

Up to 70% of people who shop online handle all their business via a mobile device. It means that a business may lose the majority of potential customers if its website is not optimized to work smoothly on phones and tablets. For this reason, cross-platform testing is another important part of the creative web design process at LPC. It helps determine how the website or application will perform in different environments and identifies problems related to UI, usability, and consistency.


Mobile User Interface Design

Once again, usability and accessibility are prioritized when designing mobile user interfaces. Responsive design is another crucial aspect when it comes to touch-sensitive and graphical displays on tablets and smartphones. With this in mind, the customer journey becomes engaging and intuitive. LPC designers and developers make sure that interaction with the device’s features, content, and apps runs seamlessly.


Quality Assurance

Once your website is ready, we perform quality assurance in order to double-check if the end-user will have the flawless user experience initially envisioned. This process includes functionality and requirement testing, as well as design evaluation. It allows the team to identify potential bugs and flaws while ensuring the delivery of a high-quality end product.


Weekly QA Monitoring

Quality assurance is not finished after the initial testing. Online businesses live a dynamic life, meaning that what happens over the course of months offline may take place in a matter of days online. By performing design evaluation, functionality, and requirement testing on a weekly basis, website performance is closely monitored. In this way, users continuously enjoy a functional user interface and an excellent experience.

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