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Founder Courtney Wyckoff created her popular fitness & lifestyle brand around the everyday life of mothers. Her swiftly growing popularity required a new website to accommodate thousands of new members. LPC was brought on to create an innovative interface for a large quantity of members to stream daily workouts and access a vast resource for healthy living.

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The internet is teeming with a variety of fitness apps, so Momma Strong has plenty of competition. When discovering Momma Strong’s unique vision, Living Proof Creative used every tool in the arsenal to research and creatively strategize a plan of attack. It took working closely with the founder to understand her specific vision and target audience, and to truly set Momma Strong apart from the competition. Now, the Momma Strong website has a clearly defined purpose and place in the online fitness market.

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Momma Strong wanted to rebrand in order to appeal to a more modern clientele, so Living Proof Creative was brought in to help Momma Strong find a new voice and visual aesthetic. Like all branding projects, it began with a solid set of visual standards including a color scheme, fonts, logos, and iconography. The overall tone was more soothing, with cool blues, soft tans, and neutral greys, because Momma Strong is a place of refuge for the modern, overburdened mother to focus on herself for once. Living Proof Creative helped the Momma Strong brand come to life.

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Before developing the Momma Strong website, Living Proof Creative designers set to work on the Wireframes that acted as the blueprint for the entire website. The Wire frames went through several rounds of approval with the founder, until the exact layout and vision for the website was finalized. The concise and exhaustive process of Wireframe creation and approval streamlined the website build out, resulting in a final product, made to the exact specifications the client had envisioned.

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Momma Strong Overview Image

Interface Design

How users interact with the interface is the number one factor for a website like Momma Strong. It’s entire revenue is based on subscribers enjoying the functionality and layout of the online services. So, when designing the Momma Strong website, Living Proof Creative utilized the most current and proven interface design techniques to create an online fitness experience to rival even the most exclusive gyms and fitness clubs.

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Content Managment

The daily output of fitness videos and information is the lifeblood of Momma Strong. So, Living Proof Creative used an open platform, that was also easy for the Momma Strong admin to use. The founder herself uploads the fitness videos from her own living room, and having that process simplified allows Momma Strong to focus on the quality of the product they put out rather than wrestling with uploading glitches and technical issues.

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Memberships & Subscription

Unlike a typical ecommerce site, Momma Strong is a subscription based website. A portal based around a recurring payment structure requires a platform that can adapt with, and handle continuous transactions. Many people are skeptical to give payment info for an online service, unless the payment process is trustworthy. Living Proof Creative built a website that users could trust, and easily access account information. The overall professional, high quality, user-friendly interface underlines Momma Strong’s credibility as a valid and valued subscription service provider.

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Mobile Responsive

Momma Strong’s entire mission is to provide busy mothers with an easy fitness alternative. The website’s entire purpose is to be accessible to anyone, anywhere. Thus, Mobile Responsiveness was a key element in its development. Living Proof Creative made sure every video was clear, and viewable on all mobile devices without loss or distortion. The Momma Strong site was designed with Mobile Responsiveness as its cornerstone.