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YOLO Board’s “Tribe” of SUP Board and Bike enthusiasts are devoted to a healthy life filled with adventure. Their vast and detailed eCommerce website is the #1 source to purchase their extensive and beautiful line of products, and a destination for “Tribe” members to connect and become inspired.

Living Proof Creative has had the pleasure of working with YOLO Board for the last 4 years, doing SEO and Digital Marketing. Living Proof Creative also collaborated with the YOLO team to execute a truly award winning website from start to finish. This ever-evolving brand and its website are constantly growing, changing, and adapting to best serve their online consumers.

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To kick off YOLO Board’s extensive website redesign project, Living Proof Creative flew out to Destin, Florida to experience first-hand what it means to live YOLO. During this Discover Phase, Living Proof Creative met with the YOLO team to determine the most effective ways to increase ROI and overall User Experience. This included a thorough Competitive Analysis of industry competition and Fortune 500 companies. It was upon this experience and collaboration that Living Proof Creative based the entire project.

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User Experience

Created as a “Blueprint” for a website, User Experience is what steers the design, customer flow, navigation, and overall sitemap for any eCommerce project. Living Proof Creative wanted YOLO Board’s User Experience to reflect their specific brand identity as well as prompt conversions.

The YOLO way of life is adventurous, natural, and communal. The user interaction, developed by Living Proof Creative, reinforces these ideals through its innovative design, instinctual navigation, and accessibility of community driven content.

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Living Proof Creative is proud to say we do not work with closed eCommerce systems. A closed eCommerce platform limits a brand’s potential as it denies programmers access to tweak and tailor the site to a specific brand identity. YOLO Board started out just selling paddle boards and now their inventory has grown to include bikes, clothing, surfboards, and more. Their inventory has the potential to expand far beyond what the site was initially designed. And because Living Proof Creative build it in Magento, an open eCommerce platform, Yolo Board will be able to improve their site and tailor it to their expanding needs for years to come.

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Content Management

One of YOLO Board’s main online objectives is for the website to act as lifestyle destination, not just an eCommerce site. So, Living Proof Creative put in place a system for continued content release that’s completely manageable by YOLO Board’s internal team. This has made publishing content much easier and cost effective for them. Now, YOLO Board consistently provides their users with blogs, offers, articles and more to create a genuine interaction between customer and vendor.

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Mobile Responsive

Much of YOLO Board’s inventory consists of large items at higher price points. Though the final purchase may not be made on a mobile device, customers will most likely view a desired product several times, looking at the product while waiting in line or showing it off to friends, before pushing the “Buy Now” button. Living Proof Creative designed a mobile experience that showcases the best of every YOLO Board, no matter the screen size. It is extremely important that the site translates to mobile so the beautiful product images can be viewed without distortion or quality loss, and that conversions are simple for the end users.

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Digital Marketing

Supporting the growth of a well established brand like YOLO Board requires ongoing Digital, SEO, and Social Strategies. The key to sustaining a stable growth for YOLO Board online lies in constant conversion optimization, implementation of white hat SEO practices, brand monitoring, content creation, and off-site SEO.

Living Proof Creative has been able to deliver a growing ROI from season to season. Today, YOLO Board is a leader in the SUP board industry as a result of over 3 years of successful SEO collaboration.

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